highway-neglect-well-past-breaking-pointThe condition of the busy South Gippsland Highway is getting worse, not better, with dozens of huge potholes, especially between Leongatha and Korumburra, left unrepaired for weeks, if not months. Something is fundamentally wrong when a road that was always well-maintained in the past, gets to the shape it is in at the moment at the height of activity for tourism and the export-earning rural economy.

IT’S the main route into South Gippsland for stockfeed, supermarket supplies and visitors going to The Prom and it’s the main route out for cattle, timber, milk products and locals going to the city.
But, as important as the road is to the local economy and the community, the South Gippsland Highway clearly doesn’t rate highly enough with the State Government and VicRoads for massive potholes to be fixed in a timely manner.
The community is desperately sick and tired of the state of neglect of the so-called highway and also the amount of expensive damage that is being done to their cars.
As an indication of the level of interest, a message and photo we posted on the Sentinel-Times’ Facebook page had been seen by 5000 people in two days.
Here’s what we posted:
“What the hell is going on with the maintenance (or lack of it) on the South Gippsland Highway. Cars and trucks have been dodging around big, deep potholes, especially between Leongatha and Koonwarra for months. It’s time the State Government shaped up or shipped out (it’s an election year) on this issue. Please comment.”
Here are the top 10 responses from the community:
• Tim De Vere: It never ceases to amaze me that even when the roads in South Gippsland are “repaired”, that they believe it to be the responsibility of the driver to compress their crushed rock toppings into the bitumen. This is something you’d never find in the city as they know how dangerous it is to other cars/pedestrians not to mention damaging to our vehicles.
• Emmanuel Windt: I just moved back to Leongatha and I own three cars. I now have one with a cracked and buckled wheel and another buckled wheel on the same car. Another car with a snapped fan belt and broken side mirror from hitting a pot hole.
• Jackie Fitzgerald: The roads are atrocious! The solution – just fill it with gravel, next day its back to the way it was.
• Jenny Phelan: If I compare the roads here in NZ to the ones in South Gippsland well, hang your heads in shame Vic Roads. They were a disgrace when I lived there and it still looks like they are. The roads are constantly being upgraded in NZ, in fact sometimes I think why they are sealing roads that seemed OK to me.
• Fiona Beattie: The road between Leongatha and Foster is a freakin’ disgrace. We travel this road every day and the holes just keep getting bigger and bigger and the way they fix it is to throw some gravel and tar into it and then that goes all over my car!
• Renee Atkinson: Months? It’s been over a year. Myself and family have damaged cars on this road and I have stopped driving it all together.
• Kim Geddes: The roads are a joke! On NYE we snapped another shock absorber, it was only three months old.
• Wendy Barnes: Seriously why don’t they look at how the roads are made in the other states, their roads are 100 times better than ours, is it really that hard?
• Marianne Standfield: There are NO words to describe the bad state our roads are in. It is simply disgusting and it will probably take for someone to be killed for them “to think about” doing something!
• Heather Veltri: If you want something done we have to all complain en masse to VicRoads. Trust me, the wheels start to move when you use sayings like ‘wilful neglect’.