hilux-keeps-getting-betterWonthaggi Toyota’s Phil Lonergan shows off the new Toyota Hilux which arrived in store last week. 

THE brand new 2014 Toyota Hilux is now available from local dealership Wonthaggi Toyota.
The upgraded version of the ever-popular model arrived last week and is already drawing attention for the right reasons.
Among the changes to the new Hilux includes a safety upgrade to a five-star safety rating and a reverse camera fitted.
Automatic transmission on the models have increased from four to five speed and bigger, all terrain tyres have been added.
The VSC, TRC and EBDs, which are all your traction controls, have all been standardised across all the 4x4s.
In the SR model the changes included a DLX display for audio controls, Toyota link telematics, multi information display and audio voice recognition on the steering wheel, an Optitron combi-metre which details your fuel usage, and black interior.
The SR5 model also includes satellite-navigation and additional features.
Wonthaggi Toyota’s Phil Lonergan said additions are just improvements on a great model.
“The Hilux is a very comfortable ride. People are saying that when they hop out of other cars and into the Hilux they find the difference in the overall comfort,” Phil said.
“The first things that people comment on when you take them on a test drive are the ride and handling.”
The Hilux ranges from around the mid-$50,000 for the SR model to the high-$50,000 for the SR5.
“They are dearer than other vehicles, but the strength and reliability of Toyota comes through and then when you go to change it over you will find that you get a pleasant surprise because you are getting far more resale value on what you would on any other brand,” Phil said.
“People are surprised on how much money they do get.
“With your Turbo diesel engine, it sounds stupid but you will get 600 to 700,000km from a Toyota diesel engine – it’s that reliability that goes way back to 1959 when they first developed Toyota for Australia.
“They have just refined the comfort from the early cars, to the point where it’s a versatile car. It pulls well, it has good torque on it and the pick up on them is quite good.”
For more information on the new Hilux, call in and see Phil and the team at Wonthaggi Toyota.