hooray-for-dog-free-beachesWe’re what you’d call the out-of-towners,
Or ‘terrorists’ perhaps,
Travelling ’round the coast,
And now we’ve lobbed in Inverloch –
Such a charming little host!
We intended to have lunch here,
Look around, and then move on,
But we were much attracted by a sign
Which induced us to extend our stay,
That’s me and hubby (mine),
Until next Satur-day.

The welcome sign we saw, was on a notice-board
Bolted to a post, right there on the beach,
Limiting the hours you could
Take your dog there, on a leash;
Hooray, I cried – a lovely dogless beach;
Just the thing we’re looking for,
It suits our simple needs,
No need to watch out where we step,
Or scrape things from our feet,
No baleful, barking hounds, straining on their leads,
And trying to escape the summer heat.

Now, please don’t get me wrong,
For I love doggies, too,
Especially my own:
They always get their daily walks
And they’re never left alone,
But tho’ dogs and kids and beaches
Are all good in their own sweet ways
They’re even better still, when kept apart
On beach-based holidays.

So, good luck to local council,
For their courage and fore-sight,
In restricting Fido’s access
At the people’s swimming beach
To early morning runs, returning before night
And leaving hours nine-to-six for us,
So we can take our leisure,
Free from doggie-doo and fuss;
This ensures our bathing pleasure,
So, next time we’ll bring grand- kids along,
And this will be a plus,
For them as well as us,
And adds a little something
To your share of tourist treasure!