mass-rescues-at-venus-bayLife Guards at Venus Bay’s beach No 1 had a busy end to 2013; keeping watch last Tuesday was Kimberly Gee and Leah Coates.

THE police helicopter was called in to assist with a surf rescue from the No 5 five beach at Venus Bay last Monday afternoon.
Life Saving Victoria Life Guards at beach No 1 were called into action at around 4.15pm according to Life Guard, Kimberley Gee.
“We had a call out from Life Saving Victoria (LSV) saying that three people were in trouble at beach number five and we sent out a vehicle and recovery boat to the beach,” Kimberly said.
“Fortunately when we had arrived a member of the public had pulled the people from the water and the Venus Bay CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) was on scene and we could return to beach one.
“The police chopper was there searching the water until we could confirm with LSV that everyone was safe and out of the water.”
The rescue was part of a busy afternoon for life guards at Venus Bay.
“At about 5.20pm we had two male swimmers in their mid-20s outside the flags at beach No 1 and they became stuck in a rip and had to be rescued,” Kimberly said.
“One of the individuals was required to go to hospital; he swallowed a lot of water and had breathing difficulties.
“We had so many people here on Monday, and those men like so many others, swim where the water looks calm, but a lot of those calm spots are feeding into the rips so it is important people stay between the flags and to always swim with a friend.
“One of those men was able to signal for help while his friend was going under the water, so that’s how we were able to get to him.”
Earlier that Monday, Life Guards evacuated the water after raising a shark alarm at around 3pm.
Thankfully, the ‘shark’ turned out to be a seal and people were back in the water within five minutes.
It followed a weekend of mass rescues, including 10 people who were pulled from the water within 15 minutes after the cool change and strong winds swept along the beaches on Saturday, December 28.