Call Alli or Jarrod on 56721419I grew up in Frankston and spent 40 years coming to Inverloch for holidays; in a recent article it was said Frankston bans dogs during peak periods in summer from beaches.
Here are some facts ton consider: Frankston’s population is 129, 000 people compared to Inverloch’s 4960; length of beach Frankston four kilometres, Inverloch eight kilometres.
I can understand Frankston council not allowing dogs during the day – it has half the beach as Inverloch but 26 times the amount of people.
All city councils provide fenced parks for dog off leash areas. Is Bass Coast going to do this at ratepayers’ expense?
This trial was ill-conceived: signs not ready; council website has no information – ring council if you can get through; Bass shire ‘Coastell’ summer newsletter information wrong.
Of course people walked out on the last shire meeting; ratepayers don’t like being ignored by the people they elected to council.
It might be worth the council steeping back and having an objective look at the situation.
Saying dog owners are bullies and council takes offence is one reason the council should be investigated.
How does Cr Wright compare ratepayers objecting to this so called trial to being bullied? It must make families enduring this reel in disgust.
If Cr Wwright feels like this then maybe it is time to change vocation.
The subject land in the inundation overlay shows Inverloch beach under one metre of water – do the council blame this environmental impact on dogs?
Also we seem to be at logger heads on a beach that according to them will not be there in the future.
Laurie Tuddin, Inverloch