open-letter-to-peter-ryanSouth Gippsland roads are the worst in Australia:
I have decided to send this letter to you with copies to local newspapers after prompting from many constituents of your electorate and on behalf of many visitors to South Gippsland.
These road issues have continued for over 12 months and still they are with us every day.
We have had enough, you have had the opportunities to overcome the problems with the poor road conditions in South Gippsland but have done absolutely nothing tangible and failed miserably.
Peter, if you are taking the constituents in the western end of the Gippsland South electorate for granted – don’t!
Yes, we read where you have announced grants to overcome the deplorable roads situation, but what’s being done? Absolutely nothing!
It might have been said, ‘there has been maintenance occurring throughout the year’ but we constituents and visitors say that’s hogwash.
The repairs done on the roads are so temporary they only last to the end of the day or if we are lucky, to the end of the week. Is this a joke?
We know the road washed away near Fish Creek was an exception but it’s still not completed and is dangerous.
What has happened to the road repairs of the past where the whole roadway would be stripped down to the base, resurfaced and then sealed and would last for years?
Peter, this is happening in your electorate, on your watch, you are the local member; but there’s more, you are also the Victorian Deputy Premier.
But, hang on, where do you live, are you local? Are we in the western part of the Gippsland South electorate being treated fairly and squarely like everyone else or are we just an afterthought?
Peter, your roads are the biggest talking points over Christmas, especially among the visitors in the hotels and cafes.
Most of the large and inescapable holes in the roads were there when they last visited South Gippsland back in the September school holidays and some are saying: “we are not coming back.”
Listening to people talk about the roads over the weekend, I heard: “your roads are the worst I’ve travelled on in Australia”; and, “the roads are nearly as bad as I experienced in India.”
Peter, aren’t these comments an embarrassment to you?
These holes in the roads are up to 400mm deep and many cover the whole lane you are travelling on.
I watched two motorbikes hit the road last week in front of me, they had nowhere else to go, luckily they both survived okay after the scare.
It’s noticeable the traffic travelling through Meeniyan, Foster and Fish Creek to the Prom, Sandy Point and Waratah Bay is well down from previous years and who knows, you Peter, may be one of the reasons for the fewer numbers.
A business person from Fish Creek is very annoyed at the treatment her car has suffered with the roads.
Steering problems are costing many thousands of dollars to repair and she has been off the road over Christmas at the most busiest time, she is not a happy person.
Another from Sandy Point resident is off the road too with damaged front tyres and wheels.
These stories will be repeated throughout your electorate.
Peter, I wouldn’t be taking your western end of the electorate constituents for granted and believe it’s going to be an easy ride for you into parliament again.
Remember both Kennett and Howard took some of us for granted and they now are history.
Doug Knez, Fish Creek