thomas-mcfarlane-cracks-30-secondsBernadette Fitzgerald receives a push start from her father Peter in the two-lap handicap during racing at the Leongatha Velodrome on Friday night.

AT the velodrome last Friday night, Leongatha Cycling Club member Thomas McFarlane broke 30 seconds for the one lap time-trial for the first time with a fine 29.76 seconds.
This was especially good as the track is generally slower on a cool night.
He has put in a lot of training and racing over the last few weeks and it showed.
The only other senior rider to front on the night was Ben Meadley and he rode well to record 32.60 seconds for the one lap trial.
Numbers of riders were down again as some were in South Australia for the “Tour Down Under”.
The five juniors made it possible to run a number of races before finishing early as rain threatened.
Time trials resulted in Austin riding a 33.35, Bett 37.76, Alex 39.82, Fleur 43.05 and Thomas F 46.06.
A series of two-lap sprints followed.
Thomas M edged out Ben; Austen was too strong for Alex, then Thomas F (with 100m start) finished ahead of Bett and Fleur.
A two-lap handicap was then run for Ben (off 45m) against Thomas.
Ben finished ahead of Thom by 1.5 seconds.
All five juniors were then run off together and in a handicappers’ dream finished very close together – Austin 1st (off scratch) in 39.0 seconds, Alex 2nd (55m), Fleur 3rd (75m), Bett 4th (45m) and Thomas F (90m) close by.
An exciting five-lap scratch race was between Ben and Thomas M.
It was a hard fought tussle and there were many changes of the lead.
Ben looked to have it won before Thom stormed home to take the win by less than a wheel in about three minutes, four seconds.
A repeat two-lap handicap was then run for the five juniors and that finished with a win for Austin in 67.32 seconds followed in by Bett, Alex, Fleur and Thomas.
To finish the evening’s racing an “Olympic Sprint” was organised between two teams.
Ben’s team of three included Fleur and Austin; Thomas M’s team included Bett and Alex.
Each team started at opposite sides of the velodrome and raced for 1.5 laps.
After each half lap, one member peeled off until Ben raced Thomas M over their last half lap; Ben’s team won by about one second in 53.47.
Next week will be hotter again but hopefully more riders make the effort to come down to the velodrome for training on Wednesday night and racing on Friday night.