tightlines-29-01-2014Zac from Melbourne cleans a gummy shark caught off Mahers Landing last week.

WITH everything slowly getting back to normal many of the local boaters can be seen out on the water trying their luck with most managing to catch a fish.


The great fishing continues with land-based anglers doing very well just inside the entrance.
As has been the case for some time there are good size whiting being caught at low water where they have been to the 35cm mark and taking a variety of presentations.
Andrew Jones is a regular visitor to this area and has been having a great time where he has been bagging whiting, mullet, silvers and flathead mainly on Bass yabbies.
He really likes the size 6 circle hooks and says that the fish actually hook themselves and then on the side of the mouth which makes them easy to remove.
Pensioners Corner is still going along very well with a similar variety of quality fish being caught around the same time of the tide.
There are also quite reasonable size gummies being taken and although not huge they are well worthwhile going after.
George Kara is a visiting boater from Melbourne and he had just returned from a trip up the inlet near Stevies Gutter.
He had the misfortune to tangle his motor on some weed and was in the process of removing the nuisance when another boat pulled up alongside and offered any help.
George thanked him for the offer and as a token of appreciation offered the Good Samaritan the fish he had which was gratefully accepted as he didn’t have anything in the bag himself.
The offering was made up of a gummy shark and some very nice whiting and if anyone doubted that George was anything but a gentleman all doubts would have disappeared when it was noticed that he was wearing a Collingwood jumper and of course confirmed that he was a Magpie supporter.
Further up towards Mahers Landing King George came across a visiting boater from Melbourne.
Zac was with a mate called George and they had a few mullet and a gummy shark that were all caught above the boat ramp on the run in tide.

Shallow Inlet:

Harry Andrews and a couple of friends have spent the long weekend on the water from the entrance to the top end of the inlet and have managed a very impressive bag of whiting that have been to the 39cm mark that were caught mainly on Bass yabbies, pipis and small pieces of squid.
There was also a sprinkling of flathead, silvers and mullet and they can’t wait to do it all again.
There have been many other similar reports which is great news and many anglers are sighting large numbers of small flathead that are way short of being size but it is a great sign for the future.
There are also very good numbers of gummies being caught along with many pups and this is also good news for the future.
They have been caught and released when undersize and when the full moon comes around they really come good.


The good news continues in this part of the world where boaters are doing very well on whiting being to the 37cm mark and taking Bass yabbies, squid, small pieces of pilchards and silver fish.

Most of the channels have been producing fish where whiting has been most targeted but no one is complaining when a good size flathead has come along with silvers, flathead and gummies.
There have also been quite good numbers of flathead, silvers and salmon being caught off the beach and with the summer water temperatures now with us, this should continue.
The run in tide has been the best time for land based anglers to wet a line.

Port Welshpool:

When Port Wlshpool: When conditions have allowed the jetty has been well worth a try where visiting angler Mario Jacopo decided to try his luck over the long weekend and was in the right place at the right time.

A school of very good size mullet came along and he had a ball in very short time.
As fast as he could get his line in the water in the water a fish would oblige and he had another one in the bag.
He caught as many as he wanted and that evening he had quite a few friends who also had fish for an evening meal.
The Lewis Channel has been going along very well where whiting has been the main catch.
They are to the 38cm mark and taking a variety of baits, which should make the effort worthwhile.
The Franklin Channel seems to be the best place to try your luck where good size flathead, gummies and snapper have been making up most bags.
There have been a few bite offs by something, which has not been identified but most likely, a large toothie or ray.

Port Albert:

The good reports continue as the great fishing continues.
Rob Killury who has the general store says that the jetties are making the effort worthwhile where whiting continue to be bagged on the run in tide.
Silvers, salmon, garfish and large eels are also in very good numbers.
Outside the entrance there have been very impressive numbers of snapper being caught in around 20 metres of water as well as gummies and quality flathead.
Rob also reports that there is a boating club that has recently started up in Port Albert.
Geoff Lipscombe is running the project and already has quite a few interested members and the numbers are growing.
Among the skills interested members are taught are navigation and safety and there was a recent trip to Snake Island, which was a huge success with more excursions being planned.

Lakes Entrance:

The footbridge is producing trevally.
Bream are around fisherman’s wharf and biting on prawn.
The entrance has a few flathead.
King George whiting and salmon are in Reeves Channel around Flannigan Island.

Lake Tyers:

Flathead and bream can be caught in the Nowa Nowa Arm from Devils Hole up using vibes, prawn and pilchard.
Some flathead have also been landed opposite the Waterwheel Tavern.

Mitchell River:

Bream and flathead are being landed around the cut and the mouth on prawn and vibes.
Large estuary perch are around the Highway Bridge and taking diving lures.

Tambo River:

Bream have been caught from the Highway Bridge to sardine flat using peeled prawn.


The poplars area has bream active and being caught on prawns and sandworm.


Bream and a few King George whiting are around Chinamans Creek. Try pipi and peeled prawn.


Tailor are taking trolled metal lures around Eagle Point.
Mullet and flounder are around Montague Point.

Hollands Landing:

Griffin Point has bream biting on prawn and spider crab.


Estuary perch, bream, mullet and luderick are prevalent from the first island to the jetty.
Best bait is sandworm, prawn and hard bodied lures.
The surf has been good for flathead and gummies.

Tamboon Inlet:

The rocks area has good size bream taking prawn and pipi.


The top lake has plenty of bream and sand whiting with yabbies and sandworm best bait.
Large flathead are in the Genoa and Wallagaraugh Rivers. Soft plastics and pilchard are best bait.
Trevally are in good numbers at the entrance with luderick being caught around the main wharf.

Keep the fishing reports coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

With a change for the better in the weather for the long weekend we had almost perfect conditions Sunday and Monday and plenty of people took advantage and landed some quality fish both from the land and the boats.
Many of the boating reports came from offshore with the low swell and the bay being a bit inconsistent.
As a result plenty of flathead found its way to the table for tea.
Although many found a feed not too many actually bagged out as the flathead are still a bit patchy.
The reports came from 30m to 50m of water from the Cape to the Windmills and were very mixed in size and type.
We saw some quality tiger flathead the best just under 60cm and even the best of the sand flathead were up around the 60cm but the average for both was closer to 36cm.
From the reports the flathead seemed to be in small schools and as you drifted over them you would get a handful then nothing for a while then same again.
The best thing to do is pick your starting point turn on your track line on your GPS and each time you go over a patch mark it keeping in mind the size of fish you got then after a kilometre or so back over the same line if the fish were OK.
If of course the fish were no good move a few hundred metres one way and start again.
There wasn’t any area that was better than the other and it just seemed to be pot luck if you drifted over bigger ones.


We had several reports of schools of salmon offshore this week with some very respectable 2kg plus fish amongst them.
Many of the schools of salmon were breaking the surface and boiling up like they were feeding but because there weren’t any birds working the school, it suggests something was maybe under the salmon chasing them.
Metal lures did the job in catching them either getting in front of the school or beside the school of fish and casting into them.
If you’re thinking they are ‘only’ salmon, try getting your whiting rods and hooking up a 2kg plus salmon on it as pound for pound on light gear they can go hard.
It’s also good for the kids as they are a fish that releases with a lot of success but you can also keep them as they make very good bait for just about anything, they also make a very good base for fish curry or fish patties.


Makos are still being caught and one thing we have noticed from the reports this season is the quality of the sharks seems to have improved.
We weighed one around the 100kg on Sunday morning.
The Mako was caught off the Windmills in about 60m water and just to rub it in to all of us that spend eight hours drifting around the ocean for nothing, these fishers didn’t even have time to get any baits in the water before their shark came up to the back of the boat just after they stopped!
We know of another few around the 100kg caught this season but only a handful of smaller ones, most of which were tagged and released.


I have had a few people ask me if we are going to be running a fishing competition this year like we did last year and for those who follow us on Facebook you will already know that we are just a bit later in March not February.
We run the competition in conjunction with the South Gippsland Gamefishing Club and while you need to be a member of a gamefishing club to fish that section anybody can fish the sports fishing section.
There are some great prizes up for grabs including an $850 tool box that everybody entering goes into the draw for.
For an entry form or to find out more just have a look at our Facebook page or drop into the shop and pick one up.
The competition will be held over the weekend of March 1 and 2.


I am starting to get more consistent reports of garfish now and although they are not the big ones we are accustomed to seeing, they are still a respectable size.
They are not all being caught in the usual places (behind the Police Station shallows) but further out into the deeper water using a bit of tuna oil soaked bread and silverfish for bait.
I have had a couple of garfish reports from land based customers fishing behind the Police Station and from Newhaven Jetty.


There were some good reports of whiting from San Remo Jetty this week with most of them size or better.
The calamari reports continued as they have been with one day plenty the next very few; the size was all over the place as well with most of them on the smaller side this week.
Jig colours: Reports came from all colours and the only real pattern was the better quality jigs out-fished the cheaper jigs.
Baited jigs accounted for a few but from the jetty the best was by far the artificial jig.
The baited jig however did much better in the boats in the top part of the bay around Dickies Bay and Reef Island whereas those fishing in Cleeland Bight found mixed results with both types of jigs.


Newhaven Jetty also produced a couple of flathead but a bit smaller than in the previous weeks.
We also had reports of a couple of gummies from those fishing at night time.
The usual salmon and trevally were caught from the dozens of people fishing during the day and we had more reports of calamari and garfish from the evening but very few pinkies.