win-for-training-in-regional-victoria01I commend the boards of Chisholm Institute, GippsTAFE and Advance TAFE and the council of Federation University Australia for being prepared to explore means of achieving better education and training outcomes for Gippsland.
I am pleased that each has come to the same conclusion that an alliance involving FedUni, Advance TAFE and GippsTAFE will maximise training opportunities and learning outcomes for the region.
The Victorian Coalition Government will continue to support the provision of vocational training in Gippsland and work with the local providers to consider how this alliance can best meet the needs of industry and the local community.
Whatever forms the new structure involving FedUni, Advance TAFE and GippsTAFE takes, I have requested that the collaborations with other providers not be excluded or diminished.
Gippsland already benefits from partnerships between Chisholm, Advance TAFE and GippsTAFE.
This was shown with the establishment of the Technology Enabled Learning Centre network and a number of Regional Partnership Facilitation Funded projects.
These partnerships will continue, and work to form new relationships with other vocational and higher education providers in the future.
I have said throughout this debate, that any form of structural change will be measured by way of improved educational outcomes and the degree of community support.
That view has not changed. I believe there is strong local support for a FedUni, Advance TAFE and GippsTAFE structured alliance and the detailed work ahead will determine how improved educational outcomes can be best achieved for Gippsland.
Peter Hall MLC, Minister for Higher Education and Skills