AppallingSo Cr Wright considers the dog lobby are an unruly group that have got it wrong.
How can anyone named Wright get so much wrong?
Before Cr Wright burst into print (Letters, 31/12/13) solely for the purpose of taking the heat off Cr Crugnale he could have at least got his facts right first but then again he has never done so in the past so why would he start now?
His attitude is: “don’t confuse me with the facts my mind is made up”.
If the dog lobby are so wrong councillor, why have we collected 2500 signatures on petitions telling you we are right and you are wrong?
Why has council been inundated with letters and emails all telling you that you are wrong?
Why are visitors that come to Inverloch every year with their dog cancelling their holiday bookings?
Why do people have to clutter up the walkways to walk their dogs instead of the beach?
Why are we told to provide risk assessments, planned actions to reduce the likelihood of the impacts when council have been carrying out surveys on dogs on the beach since 2001?
Why is council carrying out yet another survey at ratepayers’ expense when they supposedly claim they have had many complaints of dog attacks and harassment, surely they have evidence to back this up?
No Cr Wright, you are the one that has got everything wrong.
If Cr. Wright bothers to check the facts which are clearly shown in the ‘Analysis and Report of Dog Off-Leash Areas: Inverloch Community Consultation Survey’ dated July 15, 2013 prepared for council by Stubbs Consulting, even he should be able to read that their Terms of Reference referred strictly to off leash areas.
This was a survey to establish off leash areas only and had nothing to do with dogs on leash.
The Domestic Animal Management Advisory Committee agreed with the consultants’ recommendations and were very happy to run with an off leash time restricted trial.
Let’s try once again to get the message through to Cr Wright: This whole sorry mess has come about because Cr Crugnale wanted the banning of all dogs from the beach.
If she had left the recommendation made by the consultants and endorsed by the Domestic Animal Management Advisory Committee unchanged, none of this mess would have occurred.
Cr Wright has stated that council doesn’t have to supply data to justify their decision to ban dogs from the beach but the dog community will have to provide risk assessment and planned actions to reduce the likelihood of the impacts if they want to go on the beach.
Dogs have been walking on leash on the Inverloch beaches for more than 10 years and the fact that council hasn’t gathered any data during that time would clearly indicate that there have been no problems to record, an assumption confirmed by local authorities.
The reason that dog owners left the chamber prior to the Inverloch Design Framework discussion was purely that we could no longer sit, listen and watch one of the worst run council meetings most of us had ever experienced plus the fact that the establishment of off leash areas had already been created in accordance with both council and their consultants’ recommendations something that Cr Wright has conveniently overlooked.
Cr Wright is correct with one thing and that is that council and the community must work together with mutual respect but when we have one person putting up bans to satisfy her own bias this respect will never be achieved.
Cr Wright, when council can demonstrate they are willing to listen to and work with the community then we may begin to have the basis for respect and a sensible outcome.
Ivan Hipworth, Inverloch