wright-in-the-dog-house(thumb)Cr Phil Wright’s appalling letter (‘Dog lobby has it wrong’, Letters, 31/12/13 p22) left me absolutely gobsmacked.
How could an elected representative of the people of Bass Coast with even an ounce of self-respect put their name to such complete rot? But then, after witnessing Cr Wright’s clown-like performance at the December council meeting maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised!
Cr Wright put on quite a show, declaring that access to the beach is a privilege, asking just who we dog-owners thought we were and ranting on about future generations and the Victorian Coastal Strategy.
Geez Cr Wright, settle down, I thought we were merely talking about dogs-on-leads, so all that hot air and arm waving seemed a bit over the top to me! But who do we Inverloch dog owners think we are anyway?
We’re ratepayers Cr Wright, and you may have noticed that we’re not happy Phil, and if you had taken any notice of the petition at all you will also have noticed that there are plenty of us, almost 3000 of us in fact, and we refuse to accept your condescending nonsense as a substitute for a rational explanation of council’s latest unpopular decision – if there actually is an explanation.
Before your behaviour does even more to damage to the already tattered credibility of Bass Coast Shire Council your fellow councillors should do themselves a favour and hand you a copy of the Councillors Code of Conduct.
Churchill Ward residents and ratepayers, you too should do yourselves a favour and get down to a few council meetings this year to see for yourselves the behaviour of the star of the council circus – your own representative.
It could be entertaining if the stakes were something less than the trampling of our democratic values.
Councillors Wright, Rankine and Crugnale you each need to take a big reality pill and wake up to the fact that being a councillor means that your job is to represent the people, all of the people, not just whichever minority group you are nandy-pandering to.
And after that if you still can’t deliver fair and unbiased representation to the people of Bass Coast, then I think you should be immediately reconsidering your positions as councillors.
Matt Gilmore, Inverloch