80-daysThat’s how long it’s been since she could take me down the beach whenever it fitted in with her busy work load especially over Christmas and January.
Now she’s free.
Yippee! But I still can’t get my daily walk on the beach.
I don’t enjoy the sometimes dangerous walk along the road side past the illegally parked cars to get to our beautiful beachside footpath. (I’ve sniffed more left behind dogs business there than I ever did on the beach.)
It’s a fantastic footpath with beautiful views. It is still busy with scooters, prams, joggers, bike riders and other people taking their daily stroll with my other four legged friends.
But there is nothing like sand under your feet! And a dip in the water.
I also miss digging holes for the children making sandcastles. They had a giggle and gave me pat.
Sometimes it was the first time they had patted a dog.
That was special for them and I felt special too.
I was let free on the off leash area on the rock bar. It was pretty good (she’s slow on the rocks as she doesn’t want to slip and fall) but I get a run and a bit of a dip at the sandy part.
I love the sand under my feet. She’s had me down the beach when she could and on the footpath up to the street. Funny we haven’t bumped into any people doing the survey yet.
I wonder what their questions are and when we will find out the results?
I didn’t have a chance to have a say in that either.
Do the beaches really need to stay bare until the end of April?
I’ve served 80 days of my sentence called a trial. Apparently I might have a chance of an early parole at the end of February.
Surely 90 days is enough evidence for the wardens.
Let’s all work on being more responsible and see what happens after their May meeting.
Jack Russell Brusamarello, Inverloch.