ABC-LogoABC is threatened again. Mr Abbott is angry about reporting alleged abuse to asylum seekers. Presumably he’s also objected to previous allegations, by victims, about paedophile priests. Time to tell them “hands off ABC” or risk losing the following (from Friends of ABC).
Fact: ABC costs taxpayers about 10c/Australian/day in latest period of available data, 2005-06. This is verifiable via ABC Annual Report 2006 page 143: Revenue from Government to fund ABC is shown as $774,254,000. Dividing by 365 days and again by 20 million population, makes 10.6 cents/day for each Australian.
By contrast, the cost of commercial radio and TV is built into the price of everything we consume, to cover advertising.
In 2005 this cost the consumer 67c/day for electronic media and $1.38 per day for all media (Commercial Economic Advisory Service of Australia, 2005).
Fact: It costs less to run all ABC’s services (one television network, five radio networks, Radio Australia, ABC Online, ABC Shops) than Channel 9 network (Report by Prof. Glenn Withers).
Fact: For almost three times the population of Australia, BBC receives almost 10 times funding of ABC (ABC and BBC Annual Reports).
Fact: Federal Government has been known to spend $40 million taxpayers’ money in one month advertising its Workplace Reform Legislation. (Prime Minister, Howard, 3AW, 21/10/05). With such funds, ABC could have produced more than 100 hours of Australian drama/year compared to paltry 20 hours.
Fact: Over 80 per cent of Australians believe ABC provides valuable service to the community (Independent Surveys conducted by Newspoll since 1998).
Fact: Nearly nine out of 10 Australians (86 per cent) over age of 15, use ABC Radio and/or Television each week (Australian Nationwide Opinion Polls).
Fact: Since 1996, ABC staffing has been cut by 20 per cent.
It looks like ABC needs a little help right now, to protect it from Mr Abbott, so time to pick up your pen to make sure they know you care.
Bernie McComb, Cowes.