athletes-have-an-early-jump-on-the-heatThe Under 9s starting the 800m run during Wonthaggi Little Athletics meet on Saturday.

SEVENTY FIVE participants turned up early on Saturday to beat the heat for the Wonthaggi Little Athletic’s competition.
There were 92 Personal Bests (PBs) for the day spread thinly across the age groups with the exception of Mitchell Fallaw (Under 14 Boys) who recorded five PBs for the day.
Ed Beischer (Under 15 Boys) also recorded four PBs out of a possible five.
Five athletes will represent the club at the Traralgon Open Day this coming weekend and we wish them all PBs.
There are only two weeks until the Regionals.
Participating athletes need to check the events timetable on the notice board to make sure you attend on the right days.
Winners for Saturday’s events were:
Under 6 Girls: Riahn Hawthorne, Shot Put, Long Jump, 70m, 100m, 200m.
Under 6 Boys: Jake Marotta, 70m, Long Jump; Jimmy O’Neill, Shot Put, 100m, 200m.
Under 7 Girls: Baia Pugh, 200m 70m, 100m; Gabby Neal, Long Jump.
Under 7 Boys: Jesse Dugard, 100m; Sonny McMillan, 70m, 200m; Harrison DuBois, Long Jump.
Under 8 Girls: Olivia Bramley, 70m 100m, 400m; Zarah Scouller, Long Jump, Discus.
Under 8 Boys: Xavier Lindsay, 70m 100m, 400m, Long Jump, Discus.
Under 9 Girls: Tevuro Ihomana Montgomery, Triple Jump, 70m; Maya Fraser, 1100m walk, 800m; Tess Wingfield, Shot Put.
Under 9 Boys: Jai Williamson, 1100m walk, 800m, Triple Jump; Saher Biggs, Shot Put, 70m.
Under 10 Girls: Jade Anderson, Discus, 100m; Alicia Smith, 1100m walk, High Jump, 400m.
Under 10 Boys: Matthew Nicholson, High Jump, Discus; Jacob Timmermans, 100m, 400m.
Under 11 Girls: Nicola Slade, Long Jump, 200m; Mikaela Notley, 1500m walk, Discus; Harriet Fallaw, 400m.
Under 11 Boys: Onni Joma, Discus, 200m, 400m, Long Jump; Oscar Beaton, 1500m walk.
Under 12 Girls: Lanni Pryor, Shot Put, Triple Jump, 1500m walk, 70m, 400m.
Under 12 Boys: Jarrod Anderson, Shot Put, 1500m walk; Cooper Smith, Triple Jump, 70m, 400m.
Under 13 Girls: Cassie Fallaw, Javelin, 1500m walk, 800m, 200m, High Jump.
Under 13 Boys: Luke Nicholson, 800m; Cooper Wagner, 200m, Javelin; Darcy Dellevergini, 1500m walk; Tarquin McMillan, High Jump.
Under 14 Girls: Bridget Lowe, Shot Put, Triple Jump, 1500m walk, 200m, 400m.
Under 14 Boys: Brodie Anderson, 200m, 400m; Mitchell Fallaw, 1500m walk, Triple Jump; Luke Graham, Shot Put.
Under 15 Girls: Georgia Filippi, 200m, Triple Jump; Daisy Filippi, Shot Put, 1500m walk, 400m.
Under 15 Boys: Edward Beischer, Shot Put, Triple Jump, 1500m walk, 200m, 400m.
Under 16 Girls: Nicole Davis, Shot Put; Tegan Lowe, Triple Jump, 1500m walk, 200m, 400m.
Under 16 Boys: Sam Peters, 1500m walk; Ethan Slade, 400m, 200m, Triple Jump, Shot Put.