editors letterEditor Nathan Johnston

LOCAL councils cop a fair whack from us ratepayers, but if it’s time to hand out the kudos, it’s only right that we do so.
When it comes to advocacy, the South Gippsland Shire Council has been hammered in recent years in the annual community satisfaction survey.
But if that survey trend continues – the survey is underway now – such a result would be unfair.
There are two glowing examples – roads and childcare – where the council is doing its bit to change perceptions, and more importantly, ensure the best result for the community.
When UnitingCare made its intentions clear that it would be withdrawing from childcare provision at Mirboo North and Foster at the end of this month, the council lobbied for a one month extension period.
It has used that time to work with local communities to all but guarantee a seamless transition to new management systems at both locations. This is expected to be confirmed next week.
The other issue is roads. For years when a hole opened up on a main road or highway, people blamed “the bloody council” for not doing anything about it.
The message is now getting through that these roads are
VicRoads and the State Government’s responsibility. Meanwhile, it must be said, the local roads are holding up well.
Just how important we view these problems was shown in the recent road survey conducted by the council which received 800 submissions calling for improvements throughout the shire. Compare that to the preliminary 2013/14 budget submission period which received 25 responses.
Anyway, council representatives personally delivered the roads survey response to VicRoads last week. Apparently it wasn’t music to their ears, but hey, neither’s the boom of a wheel rim cracking.