dead-end-for-pathI have been following with interest over the last few months, the progress of the Anderson/San Remo bike path.
As a keen MTB rider, any new bike paths have a positive impact on people and families getting out and enjoying this great country of ours.
So, I was very excited when the initial work was commenced and followed its progress each day as I commuted from the Island to Wonthaggi and back.
The work started with a bang, moving quickly, but, alas, Christmas was only two weeks away stopped for some time.
The other thing that stopped was where it actually started and finished?
Not sure who has engineered or surveyed this but as it stands today, the path begins and ends in the middle of no man’s land.
The design of the path has not followed any of the guidelines regarding gradients. Families with young kids in tow will be struggling to make it up any of the hills on this path.
Parents will also need to control them on the fast descents on loose off camber corners as well.
The surface is not suited to high speed bike riding, the trail has not been designed to be sustainable and the first wet winter will unfortunately bring to light the poor workmanship that has been used in this project. Water and rain will take its toll.
How much money has been already wasted on this and how much more will be used to maintain this over time?
Spraying weeds and keeping the corridor open will be a never ending battle.
Tim Smith, Phillip Island.