DistressingI received a phone call on February 6, the caller was so upset and distressed she was unable to speak clearly but she told me what street she lived in and then hung up.
As I started to try to track her down she called me back still very upset but was able to tell me what the problem was. It was all to do with the ban of dogs on the beach on leash during the day, and as it was clear to hear she was she was about to break down again. I got her address and went to see her.
The lady is an 85 year-old and has lived in Inverloch for 40 years. Her husband died four years ago and she has two small dogs, still in good health. She has for years enjoyed her daily walks along the beach.
At her age, the early morning and late evening time are unsuitable.
I spoke for some time and she said that for all the time they have lived in Inverloch they have never caused any trouble to the council.
She always takes an extra bag on her walks to pick up rubbish that other people leave behind.
I stayed with her until she was a lot more relaxed.
The lady phoned me later that day and thanked me for taking the time to help her with her stress and anxiety and she was feeling a little better because she had just returned from a walk along the beach with her dogs.
I realise that all the pleas for the ban of no dogs on leash on the beach from 9am-6pm from December to April to be removed are falling on deaf ears.
The Bass Coast Shire Council do not want to admit they got it very wrong and are showing no concern for the anxiety and stress it is causing to the elderly. The council thinks it must stay united and appear strong and stick by a decision even when it is a very bad one.
The council should see the error of this ruling that has no solid evidence to support it and remove it now.
I am not a social worker, just a retired person who doesn’t like to see fellow neighbours, especially the elderly, being bullied by the council.
Robert Scott, Inverloch.