80-daysMembers of Sandy Paws and the Waterline Alliance who attended the recent Bass Coast council meeting were not impressed by Neil Rankine’s response to their questions.
Though he admitted that the consultation was not as inclusive as it should have been and said “we are now listening”, he is still happy to continue with the submission process until May.
The Waterline Alliance members want the by-laws revoked, they want a place based consultation process and will not settle for anything less.
They are concerned that the submission process which ends on April 30 and the policy review that occurs in May won’t get to council until much later in the year, and will give no guarantee that anything will change, causing ongoing stress and anger.
The submission process, which most of the community know nothing about, does not involve any place based consultation.
Not only that, but what is the point of seeking submissions on something that has already been gazetted?
It’s like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted!
The Waterline Alliance and Sandy Paws group argue that that democratic process was not followed.
Individual communities were not properly consulted; the inclusion of one member on the Domestic Animal Management Advisory Committee (DAMAC) to represent all of the waterline townships is undemocratic.
There is a lot of anger and frustration amongst members about the way the whole process was mismanaged and they want the laws revoked immediately.
This issue is causing a lot of stress to the community, to councillors and every effort should be made to resolve it as soon as possible.
We will continue to fight the dog restrictions until they are revoked.
The rally going ahead in Coronet Bay on Sunday, March 9 at 11am is gathering momentum.
Helen Zervopoulos (on behalf of the Waterline Alliance and Sandy Paws), Grantville.