mans-best-friendChildren and animals – they will create strong emotions.
Both are seen as requiring guidance, training, protection and lots of love. To thus enable them to be well adjusted, well behaved, and productive members of our society.
I would suggest that with relatively few exceptions, we do a successful job, both with our children and our animal companions.
Which leaves me both bewildered and insulted by the recent decision (by a few councillors) and introduction of this most limiting and intimidating law for our (well behaved, well adjusted, socially friendly) dogs’ access to our beaches.
Where has been the (Bass Coast Shire) council’s much lauded public consultation over this?
And no, a survey done two years ago to ascertain people’s opinion on pets in the community, or a survey at Inverloch for the feasibility of a leash-free area to be established, does not equate with public consultation for a grand sweep introduction of bans to our beaches.
Why is the uniqueness of our individual townships not being given credence?
Tenby Point has a beach and foreshore that is totally unlike any of the others; as does Inverloch compared to Kilcunda. Or Pioneer Bay compared with Coronet Bay.
Why am I being judged as crude, rude, dangerous and offensive to the public when I know myself to be polite, well-behaved and law abiding?
I know how to behave in public areas, as have all my animal companions over the years.
What of those folk leaving for work by 7am?
No longer the option to exercise their dogs on the beach before they go off to work!
Summer heat? Cool off in the ocean’s waters? Forget it!
High tides when you are now allowed to walk your dog on the beach? Forget it! Go without.
Elderly and have dog companions? Needing an area to really stretch your legs, exercise your lungs, socialise with like-minded people and dogs because you can no longer walk quite fast enough anymore? Tough.
It takes a great heart and courage to admit to having made a mistake… I surely hope those few councillors who voted for the gazumping of decent surveys have that greatness and humility within themselves to rescind these laws ASAP.
Jinty Kubale, Tenby Point.