mans-best-friendFirst, sorry it’s depressing, but let’s not forget that all this fuss to invent local laws DAM (Domestic Animals Management) is another legacy of when Victoria got Jeffed by Premier Kennett.
Checking shire websites, many are still verbatim, as received from Spring Street. Some have changed for the better, like Mornington and now, for the worse, Bass Coast. Presumably before fuss in 1994, dog folks didn’t need to be regulated, behaviour being subject of plain old common sense.
Second, let’s not overlook that humans have had special relationship with dogs for tens of thousands of years.
It’s estimated that, in just the 20th century, we humans killed more than 150 million of one another, with countless more serious injuries, physical and psychological.
Biggest danger with dogs is when humans do things like train them, for fights to the death, for huge pleasure of gambling. Dog owners, with extremely few exceptions, care for their best friends, keeping them away and protecting them from any danger.
Of course, in any large population, there will always be a few nutters at the edge.
In our developed society with such powerful 24/7 communications, the barons of mainstream media scream from the rooftops whenever something “out-of-control” happens with a dog.
The point here is “out-of-control” will always escape laws.
Whatever well-meaning laws are developed will only be observed by folks who happen to be law abiding.
Anyhow, there’s no way that man’s best friend is likely to disappear any time soon. Better get used to it.
Even between Christmas and New Year, central beaches in Cowes are usually empty before 9am.
Some of us moved here to enjoy being down there every day of the year, rain, hail or shine. You feel indebted to a dog for the fitness and wellbeing that you enjoy from walking, which is what gets you out to brave weather when it’s not so friendly.
It’s not easy to deny the nudge from a wet nose, the twinkling eyes and wagging tail when it’s walk time.
The family unit is a wonderful thing but it’s increasingly clear that many are battle grounds. You may try to battle with a dog but you’ll feel seriously guilty, in no time. They do wonders for small children, old folks and everybody in between.
Recent OECD report on 33 countries rated Australia as silver medallist for consumption of antidepressants. Some of us doubt that such drug dependency applies for those who take care of man’s best friend.
Could Jeff Kennett sell dogs as cure for depression? Surely there are more important subjects to fill the letters pages of local newspapers?
Bernie McComb, Cowes.