editors letterEditor Nathan Johnston

THE tradition at Bass Coast Shire Council appears to be continuing.
That is, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to plan for projects that no-one wants, and will later be canned anyway.
A couple of years ago it was the Cowes ferry terminal that was to be located at the Jetty Triangle.
Traders and the general community made it abundantly clear that while they supported the ferry concept, they didn’t want the middle of town to become even more congested.
Regardless, the council persisted and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on plans to get it to the point where it was up to the council to vote.
After a mass public meeting, the council of the day eventually took note of the civil unrest and rejected the proposal.
The same thing appears to be happening at Cape Paterson. We haven’t heard from anyone who’s happy to pay for their share (up to $40,000) to have the roads and drainage upgraded in town as part of a $7.1 million special charge scheme.
Yet the process will continue at a great cost to ratepayers throughout the shire. Already, it has cost $266,000.
Unless it is dramatically scaled back, this appears to be a total waste of time, money and resources.
Meanwhile, residents in beachside Stradbroke Avenue in Cowes want their street to be sealed, and have even submitted a petition calling for such action. Yet a councillor bemoaned there might not be enough room in the budget to pay for the council’s share.
I know it sounds ridiculously obvious, but if the council actually listened first and acted later, there would be fewer complaints and there’d be more to spend on worthwhile projects.