Web_PotholeOpen letter to Member for South Gippsland, Peter Ryan:
Thank you for your response to my letter re: the poor condition of the roads in your electorate.
Unfortunately, there were quite a few errors in your reply and I have been inundated with calls and emails from the length and breadth of your electorate. Many of your constituents are not happy with your answers in the newspapers.
Peter, these holes haven’t just appeared from the late winter heavy rains we’ve had, they have been with us for over 12 months and some for over two years.
The Meeniyan-Fish Creek Road at the Buffalo bend is a prime example of the poor quality of work where it’s been a problem for over two years. The contractors generally leave the signs in place after they have completed their work perhaps knowing they will return.
The area 1km towards Meeniyan from the Buffalo bend on the Meeniyan-Fish Creek Road is another long term disgrace.
You just don’t understand the problems these road conditions have been for us – they never disappear.
We all have to watch the road conditions every step of the way. We cannot relax for one moment.
The South Gippsland Highway between Foster and Toora is the same and the motor bike accident recently proves there’s very little attention being paid to these major roads.
The last time I drove to Yarram from Foster the road was disgraceful and very dangerous for all traffic but more so for the VLine buses.
I’m told the Commercial Road in Yarram; which is the main street, is another disgrace where nothing is being done to improve the road. The locals are livid. What are you doing about it?
Farmers on the Fish Creek-Walkerville Road are suffering the same conditions. Why is this happening when the roads elsewhere are in good condition? Why do your constituents have to put up with second class roads while the rest of Victoria has roads they can travel on positively and trust? Why are we being discriminated against while other electorates do not have any of these problems?
Peter, I want to tell you about the Hoddle holes on the Foster-Fish Creek Road. Up to recently there wasn’t a sign displayed and when the hole was in the shade it wasn’t visible and very dangerous. This is a hole that was filled with stone and bitumen previously and as usual it lasted a week before becoming a problem to dodge again. Again, nothing is being followed up. It’s dangerous.
Peter, you mentioned the repair of the washed away Foster to Fish Creek Road was complete. Well, yes it was completed, but soon after completion potholes appeared on the Foster side of the repairs and for a whole week we all reduced our speed to zilch, to pass, until the complaints forced the contractors to return to fix the problem.
How can these things happen in this day and age where we are all responsible? What is your government paying these contractors to make these repairs?
While Royal Commissions are being bandied around, perhaps there should be one for road maintenance for it’s an absolute joke happening in our midst and nothing is being done to make our roads better.
I am not an engineer but I’m concerned about the priorities of these road repairs. Is this the politics of your electorate? Is making the repairs on a larger scale giving more credence to your position, whilst ignoring the smaller more dangerous ones?
Perhaps you need to explain your views to help us understand your motives rather than have someone write your replies on your behalf?
Perhaps there needs to be an inquiry into the practices and procedures of VicRoads too who seem to be oblivious of most things that happen here in your electorate?
Peter, I am pleased there have been many other responses to your reply in the newspapers both locally and in Melbourne. I’m not on my own complaining of these poor road conditions we are using every day and there are many complaints from what you may call ‘your rusted on supporters’ many who are not happy with you.
Again, I repeat, “don’t take your electorate for granted”.
Wherever I go throughout South Gippsland people come up to me supporting my newspaper articles. I am not stopping until you can prove to your electors that you are doing something positive about your poor roads, your potholes?
One of your Yarram constituents recently noted, “The local roads were looked after better and attended to quicker when you were in Opposition.” Maybe this is the answer?
Peter, trusting you will see logic in our complaints and not be remembered as the politician who never cared about the roads in his electorate.
Doug Knez, Fish Creek.