special-charge-scamOn recently receiving notice of an increase in the tax on my property under the Cape Paterson Special Charge Scheme from $21,400 to $22,064, I feel compelled to express my utter disgust with the Bass Coast Infrastructure Projects Department and the elected council’s main supporter and driver of this scheme, Neil Rankine.
The former’s position is understandable as it operates as a non-feeling, non-caring isolated organisation aiming to increase spending to increase staffing levels which inevitably means increased salaries.
With the latter, I cannot fathom how an elected representative of some 460 households can so studiously push through this outrageous impost on so many aged pensioners, young families and others who have enough increasing costs in their lives without this unnecessary, unwarranted and highly expensive exercise to suburbanise a most idyllic seaside village.
Neil Rankine is also well aware that over 50 per cent of those contacted are strongly united against this proposal which beggars the question, why is he so adamant to pursue this and what is his personal motive?
From a personal perspective I have never witnessed flooding, undue dust or unsafe vehicle experiences in over 20 years in my street and now have been served with an approximate amount of $8000 to cover “drainage”. Drainage of what I demand to know!
Additionally, an additional cost to lay a more expensive type of road construction has been added to improve “the aesthetics of the streetscape”.
Whose bright idea was this when everyone has complained about any cost, let alone additional costs to make the road look like a pretty suburbanised Cranbourne side street.
The removal of the initial planned footpath, the lack of any need for drainage and the original road construction should have been the revised plan, not the latest unprofessional offerings.
In summary I would ask the other councillors to strenuously vote against this Special Charge Scheme for the health and wellbeing of all the affected Cape Paterson residents and use the funds available for more urgent needs that better support all the ratepayers in the shire, whether they be the elderly, the young or the very important tourist.
Mick Kendler, Cape Paterson.