tightlines-18-02-2014Ann Marie won the Venus Bay Angling Club’s February competition with this trevally.

With the good conditions prevailing boaters and land based anglers are making the best of things with a very good variety of fish being taken on a wide range of baits.

Wonthaggi Angling Club:

The club held its monthly competition last Sunday but the conditions were not all that good with a brisk west wind blowing.
President Peter Clarke welcomed the 30 competitors and friends along and thanked the sponsors for the month being AWM Electrical and Data Supply.
The winner of the senior male section was Graham Gray with a 480gm whiting for 1344 points.
The winner of the senior female section was Jan Beaumont with a 540gm flathead for 1620 points.
There was no junior female weigh in a fish but Hunter Tiziani won the junior male section with a 245gm whiting for 685 points.


Boaters and land-based anglers have been doing well both inside and outside the entrance.

Outside in the deeper water good numbers of flathead have been caught on a variety of lures along with, gummies, salmon and kingfish making up worthwhile bags.
In the comparatively shallow water just beyond the breakers there have been good numbers of flathead being caught by boaters on a variety of natural baits.
The fish seem to be around the 1kg mark which makes them well worthwhile going after.
Back inside the entrance land based anglers are happy with the numbers of whiting, silvers, mullet and good size gummies making an appearance.
The situation continues to be positive around Pensioners Corner.
The jetty is also popular with land based anglers but there has been a fair bit of water mixed in with the fish.
Mahers Landing continues to be popular as far as boaters and shore fishers are concerned.
Aldo Jackson and a mate are on holidays and through the week they had a couple of days trying their luck from a short distance from the boat ramp.
They managed some very good size flathead, silvers and big mullet which made the effort worthwhile.
Another visiting angler Ryan Johansson and a mate decided to try their luck near the bathing boxes from the beach at low tide.
After a couple of hours there were no enquiries and they decided to try outside the entrance near flat rocks just as dusk was approaching.
Not a bad move as it turned out, as in short time they bagged some very nice salmon that were all around the 500gms that were taken on whitebait.

Port Welshpool:

Information from the boat storage is that there have been fairly good numbers of gummies, flathead and pinkies being taken in pleasing numbers.

For those who know where to look there have been fairly good size whiting to the 37cm mark being caught.
Outside the entrance there have been king fish to the 64cm mark also making an appearance which is good news.
Over the last week there have been bronze whalers that have been around the three-metre mark being bagged and some being spotted in the shallows.
The jetties have been worth a look where silvers, flathead and mullet have been making up most bags.

Port Albert:

Britney at the local General Store says that the fishing situation is much the same as it was last week.

Whiting are being caught in very good numbers and fish to the 40cm mark are not uncommon.
There is also plenty of flathead, silvers and pinkie snapper being bagged on both sides of the tide.
The conditions have been alright and boaters are taking advantage.
The jetties are also productive as far as mullet, silvers, flathead and garfish are concerned.

Corio Bay:

Heading out early on Saturday morning, James Robinson and his nine year-old son Cooper were anchored up along the edge of the Wilson Spit north of the No 5 channel marker by 5am.
Their baits were constantly attacked by undersize pinkies and the punters would have moved, but they stuck it out and at 8.30am young Cooper caught a big red that would have been close to 7kg, on a flathead fillet.
After pulling the hook on a second good size fish, James had another bait in the water and hooked up again with much the same result, this time pulling the hook with the fish beside the boat.
All was not lost though, for 50 metres or so astern, a large snapper was flapping about on the surface, undoubtedly the one James had just lost.
They wasted no time pulling the anchor and netting the fish, which was about the same size as Cooper’s.
Launching from Kirk Point on Sunday Morning, Daniel Abbott and Gareth Insledon were hoping for a good catch of whiting, and caught 10 before the wind came up.
They attempted to weather the blow, but with spray coming over the windshield, they decided to head back in. Thanks to Geoff Wilson for this report.

Lakes Entrance:

Reeve Channel has been good for mackerel, salmon and King George whiting that have been biting on prawn.
The footbridge has good size flathead biting on soft plastics, also try the jetties for bream and trevally.
Offshore, snapper up to 6kg with gummies and flathead being caught on pilchard.
The Reeve Channel has been producing mackerel, salmon and whiting where prawn has been the best of the baits.
The footbridge has been the place for good size flathead where soft plastic lures have been doing the job.
Offshore there have been snapper to the 6kg mark as well as gummies and flathead taking pilchards.

Lake Tyers:

Bream and flathead are all in the lake system, biting on prawn, pilchards and soft plastics.
Small tailor are smacking anything you throw at them.
The surf has salmon where the best bait is pilchard.

Lake Tyers:

Bream are cruising from Eagle Point cut and down to the mouth. Try hard bodies, vibes and local prawn.
Eagle Point Bay is the best spot for flathead up to 44cm, on plastics.

Tambo River:

From Sardine Flats and down to Punthouse Point are the best spots for bream.
Bait of choice being prawn and plastics.


Bream are to be found at The Cliffs and all the way to the Straight Six and up to Nicholson the top end. Best bait being peeled prawn.


From Lake King Jetty, Shaving Point and all the way down to Chinamens Creek for King George whiting and bream on peeled prawn.
Try towards evening for flathead in the shallows.


Duck Arm and Sunset Cove are the best spots for flathead, their bait of choice being plastics.
The full moon is on the rise, so head for the surf for gummies, on squid and fresh fish fillets.

Hollands Landing:

Bream are at The Entrance of both rivers, best bait being crab and local shell.
Luderick are at the Groynes.
Salmon and tailor at the entrance. Try hard bodies and lures.
The surf is producing salmon and tailor on blue bait.
Offshore, boaters are managing a good mixed bag of fish.

Bemm River:

Flathead and bream are still being caught in the channel where the best presentations are peeled prawn and soft plastics.
Tailor are being taken in good numbers on lures. There are plenty of bait prawn about the system.

Tamboon Inlet:

Gibbs Creek and into the Tamboon Inlet for bream taking plastics.
Flathead are cruising the shallows banks, biting on soft plastics.


Yellow fin bream and salmon are at the entrance biting on prawn.
Top lake and bottom lake also have plenty of bream; best baits are lures and yabbies.
Flathead from 30-40cm are chasing soft plastics.
Luderick are at the wharf striking on local weed.
The odd mulloway is chasing lures.
Offshore has been fairly good as far as gummies are concerned.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

The waterways and jetties have been reasonably quiet during the week although Saturday things did improve and it was quite busy at most of the fishing spots around the island.
Once people opened the window on Sunday and realised the forecast extremely bad weather hadn’t eventuated and conditions were actually quite good, they also got the fishing rods out and mostly headed to the land based areas.


Offshore: Some good bags of flathead but work is needed as they seem to be in small patches and very mixed in size and type.
You will need to be prepared to do a few miles on the water and it pays to do a couple of small drifts at different depths to find the better fish then concentrate on that spot.
From the reports it seems they are not often in the same spot two days in a row with one customer telling me he found them in 25m one day then 40m the next.
Squid and pilchard have been the best baits for the flathead but make sure you are actually getting to the bottom with heavy sinkers, slowing the drift down with a sea anchor will also help.
The kingfish reports continue to come in and from between Pyramid Rock and the western entrance; many of those reported this week were undersize.
They can be a very frustrating fish to find and then to catch and although there a few methods people swear by, but listening to the reports from customers the one method that plays a part in most of the catches is luck.
Live bait, poppers, tuna skirts and even a Rapala hard body lure worked this week.


In the bay there were quite a few pinkies reported this week, something we haven’t seen for a while.
Many of the reports came from around Corinella and although most were small around 30cm there were a couple of reports of bigger ones closer to 40cm.
A couple of customers even reported bagging out on a mixture of sizes.
There were reports from in Cleeland Bight and while the sizes were mixed like at Corinella the numbers weren’t as good.
The other reports of pinkies came from the main channel at San Remo and from Boys Home Channel.
Whiting reports continue to be good and spasmodic all at the same time which doesn’t really make sense but it’s just the way the reports are coming in.
If you drop on the right place it won’t take long to get a bag of fish but then others have sat on one spot for hours and the fish have then come on and they have picked up a good bag in what seemed like only minutes.
Then you have the others that have chased them all round the place and by the end of the day have a reasonable Esky’s full.
As for where it’s anybody’s guess as reports have come from all the usual and some not so usual spots.
One thing I have had reported lately is the size of the whiting has improved considerably and I don’t necessarily mean the length but the girth of the fish seems to have doubled over the last month and even some of the smaller ones are worth keeping.
Several customers chasing whiting have also reported seeing schools of garfish but said they were very flighty and difficult to catch.


Land based and the best whiting spot this week has been the San Remo Jetty and as well as those caught several people have reported good size schools swimming around the jetty.
Reports also from Newhaven Jetty of a couple of whiting, pinkies and flathead.
Catching salmon from Kilcunda and Woolamai this week has been about perfect timing with schools coming through in 10 minute bursts every four hours.

Hooked on for Valentine’s

THE saying ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ had a special meaning for Venus Bay Angling Club members who competed in the club’s February competition.
The competition started on midday Valentine’s Day, Friday, February 14 and concluded with a weigh-in on Sunday, February 16.
There were 20 senior members entered, and one senior non-member; there were no junior anglers.
Friday and Saturday were great weather-wise, with light winds and warm conditions.
Sunday was a bit breezier, but there were still a number of members who hit the water anyway with great results.

The winners were:
1st: Ann Marie Swindon, Silver Trevally, 1200g for 960 points.
2nd: Luci Aulsebrook, Pinkie Snapper, 1280g for 640 points.
3rd: John Blezzard, Silver Trevally, 760g for 608 points.
Heaviest Gummy Shark: Michael De Hamer – 4900g.