wallies-against-wind-turbinesSome people may be persuaded that “there must be something to it” when mainstream Rupert Murdoch type news pretends there’s a debate, with the very few noisy people, who organise protests against wind farms.
Probably lost behind his other more crazy announcements this week, Tony Abbott is asking about another investigation by NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council).
Previously NHMRC has conducted 19 such investigations.
From their own on-site investigation and checking all peer reviewed research from around the world, they’ve never found any health problem link between people and wind farms.
It’s only when cult groups like Waubra Foundation and Landscape Guardians suddenly appear here, there and everywhere that, even in communities where wind farms have been operating for years, without any complaint, suddenly the odd bystander reports symptoms which can neither be validated nor cured by modern medicine.
An interesting quote attributed to JFK; “It’s not the lie that’s the enemy of truth… it’s the myth… allowing the comfort of opinion… without the effort of thought”.
How can Phoney Tony expect to last when he shoots his mouth off, in so many contradictory directions, especially paying attention to nonsense from anti-wind farm cults? Minister Ian Macfarlane recently expressed his opinion that wind farms are the only technology ready enough to install in time, to meet international treaty commitments, for emission reductions. It’s time to lead, preferably not in all directions at once.
Bernie McComb, Cowes.