windsurfing-guru-rates-inverloch-among-the-bestProfessional windsurfer and coach Guy Cribb spent three days with the Inverloch Windsurfing Club last week.

INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed windsurfer and instructor Guy Cribb has urged the Inverloch community to get behind a push to build a permanent facility for its windsurfing club to truly put the town on the world stage.
Cribb says the only thing Inverloch is lacking is a permanent facility which would help attract windsurfers from all over Australia and beyond to a location he says is world class.
“Inverloch really is a world class venue, it genuinely is. As it is the lads provide what they can with the support of the club, but without an actually premises it could never take off as an international venue,” Cribb said.
“These guys are providing a huge pull of people from all over Victoria and further afield and with a club house the pull would be far, far wider – people from all over Australia for sure and possibly beyond.”
Creator of INtuition – the world’s most acclaimed windsurfing coaching; Cribb certainly has some clout in the sport.
He is a 13-time British Champion, five-time Vice World Champion, former British Racing Coach and British sporting icon for his contribution to his sport.
For the second consecutive year, Cribb spent three days coaching 20 members of the Inverloch Windsurfing Club.
“The people are fantastic and the area is brilliant, that’s why I have come back. The conditions here, as I discovered last year are perfect.
“There is flat water, sandbars everywhere and there is always somewhere safe nearby which gives people a lot of a confidence,” Cribb said of Inverloch.
“The venue is somewhere that less experienced people feel safe and more advanced people can get quite adventurous.”
Cribb came to Inverloch from Western Australia and left for the Sunshine Coast, before he will head back to Europe.
The 43 year-old, who will come back at the same time next year, says Inverloch could capitalise from windsurfing tourism.
“The club had an event the other weekend which attracted 130 participants to Inverloch, plus all the entourage that comes with that incluiding parents and family who bring loads of money to the area,” Cribb said.
“The other thing with windsurfers is that they are all affluent. Only people with real determination can windsurf so they are generally successful people with a lot of money which they could bring to the area.
“The more of that the better for the town – so get them a clubhouse!”
Vice-president of the Inverloch Windsurfing Club, Mick Green, echoed the need for a permanent home.
“The club has grown amazingly in recent years and over that time we have accumulated lots of equipment for our members and organised many events where the whole community can come and try our highly addictive sport,” Green said.
“We feel that, after four years of living out of our cars in the Angling Club car park, it is time that we find a permanent home and we are working with the council and community members to make this happen.”
Cribb and his group of windsurfing students spent Monday night underground at the Wonthaggi State Coal Mine, which Cribb said was an outstanding and rare experience.
Green was also full of praise for the energetic instructor.
“He doesn’t go too many places and for this little windsurfing club to attract such a world star is outstanding,” Green said.
“To be able to draw someone of Guy’s ilk and reputation, he is the best coach for windsurfing in the world and to be able to give our members that opportunity is just wonderful.”