athletes-excel-at-penultimate-meetJaelah Milkins and Mia Dugard sprint to the finish line in the Under 6 girls 80m Hurdles.

WITH only one week of competition remaining, 54 Wonthaggi Little Athletes turned up on Saturday to produce 87 Personal Bests (PBs).
Uriah Notley and Jake Marotta (Under 6 Boys), Mia Dugard (Under 6 Girls), Lanni Pryor (Under 12 Girls) and Blythe Page (Under 13 Boys) all performed well to record four out of a possible five PBs.
Congratulations to Baia Pugh (Under 7 Girls) who broke the discus record with a throw of 12.82m.
The presentation night will be held at the Wonthaggi Power club rooms on April 4 at 5.30pm. Please bring a plate of food to share.
Results: Under 6 Girls: Jaelah Milkins, triple jump, discus, 400m, 80m hurdles, 70m; Mia Dugard, triple jump.
Under 6 Boys: Finlay Cameron, triple jump; Jake Marotta, discus, 400m, 70m, 80m hurdles.
Under 7 Girls: Baia Pugh, triple jump, discus, 80m hurdles, 70m, 400m.
Under 7 Boys: Sonny McMillan, tirple jump, 80m hurdles, 70m, 400m; Hayden Schmidt, discus.
Under 8 Girls: Lani Kulbe, shot put; Ella Smith, 200m, 70m, 80m hurdles, triple jump.
Under 8 Boys: Xavier Lindsay, 80m hurdles, triple jump, shot put, 200m; Jaxon Foon, 70m.
Under 9 Girls: Tevuro Ihomana Montgomery, high jump, 80m hurdles; Maya Fraser, 200m, 400m, high jump; Bella Schmidt, discus.
Under 9 Boys: Jai Williamson, 400m, 200m, 80m hurdles, high jump, discus.
Under 10 Girls: Alicia Smith, 800m, long jump; Jordane Dobson, 70m, 80m hurdles, shot put; Jade Anderson, 70m.
Under 10 Boys: Jacob Timmermans, 800m, shot put; Matthew Nicholson, 80m hurdles, long jump, 70m.
Under 11 Girls: Harriet Fallaw, 800m, 100m; Mikaela Notley, shot put, triple jump, 80m hurdles.
Under 11 Boys: Onni Joma, 800m, shot put, triple jump, 80m hurdles, 100m.
Under 12 Girls: Lanni Pryor, javelin, 80m hurdles, 1500m, high jump, 200m.
Under 12 Boys: Cooper Smith, 200m, high jump, 1500m; Jarrod Anderson, javelin, 80m hurdles..
Under 13 Girls: Melody Notley, long jump, 80m hurdles, discus, 100m, 400m.
Under 13 Boys: Cooper Wagner, long jump, 80m hurdles, discus, 100m, 400m.
Under 14 Boys: Brodie Anderson, javelin, 1500m, 90m hurdles, 100m; Luke Graham, high jump.
Under 15 Girls: Daisy Filippi, javelin, 1500m; Georgia Filippi, 90m hurdles, high jump, 100m.

Leongatha athletes hurdle over records

A strong contingent of ultra-keen competitors turned up at the velodrome oval last Saturday for Leongatha Little Athletics Club’s final competition meeting for the season.
Athletes were clearly hitting peak form, with personal best performances achieved en masse across the age groups – a combined 194 PBs were achieved – and three centre records broken.
All three records were set in the 60m hurdles.
Chloe Giliam (Under 7) went one better than the record she set earlier in the season, stopping the clock at 13.95sec, Ella Snell (Under 9) broke a 10-year-old record with a blistering 11.47sec run, and Meaghan Stothart (Under 10) broke a four-year-old record with a sterling 12.06sec effort.
In the PB department, Jasper Shone (Under 6) achieved four PBs from four events, Robbie Reardon (Under 9) and Sebastian Borg (Under 9) both made five PBs from five events, and Jemma Caithness (Under 13) achieved an amazing clean sweep of six PBs from six events.
A number of club members will now go on to the Victorian State Track and Field Championships in Melbourne on March 29-30.
The club’s presentation night will be held on Friday, April 4, at the Leongatha Primary School’s performing arts centre, starting at 5.30pm with a sausage sizzle. Presentations will start at 6pm.
Personal bests recorded last Saturday were as follows:
Under 6 Boys: C Oloughlin 100m; A Standfield vortex, 60m hurdles; N Wright vortex; J Barry high jump; I Bolge vortex, 100m, 60m hurdles; J Shone high jump, 100m, vortex, 60m hurdles; A Livingstone 60m hurdles, high jump, vortex; S O’Neill 100m; J Stothart 60m hurdles, vortex; M Carter 100m, 60m hurdles, vortex.
Under 6 Girls: C Tumino 100m, 60m hurdles, high jump.
Under 7 Boys: T Lowe 100m, 60m hurdles; C Richards vortex, high jump; J Lacy 60m hurdles, 100m, high jump; R Nettle 60m hurdles; T Sherar 60m hurdles; H Wynne 100m, 60m hurdles, vortex.
Under 7 Girls: L Giles 100m; C Giliam high jump, 100m, 60m hurdles; Z Borg high jump, 100m.
Under 8 Boys: X Bolge 100m; J Fixter discus; S Mackie 400m, discus, long jump; H Livingstone 100m, long jump.
Under 8 Girls: M Mackay discus; P Thompson 400m, 60m hurdles; P Barry 60m hurdles; S Cruickshank 100m, 400m, 60m hurdles; N Wight discus, 60m hurdles; S Wright 100m, discus; E O’Neill 60m hurdles, long jump.
Under 9 Boys: W Croatto shotput, triple jump, discus; T Richards discus, triple jump, shotput, 60m hurdles; H Herbert 60m hurdles, triple jump, discus; D Shone 400m, shotput, triple jump; R Reardon discus, triple jump, 60m hurdles, 400m, shotput; R Sturtevant 400m; S Duvoisin triple jump, shotput, discus, 400m; S Borg 60m hurdles, discus, 400m, triple jump, shotput.
Under 9 Girls: A Wright shotput, discus; L Bevis discus, high jump; J Bevis 60m hurdles; E Snell 400m, 60m hurdles, high jump.
Under 10 Boys: D Johnson triple jump.
Under 10 Girls: B Roy 400m; J Standfield 100m, 400m, 60m hurdles; A Ritchie 100m, 400m, 60m hurdles; L Caithness 60m hurdles, javelin; C Burns triple jump, 60m hurdles, 400m; G Burns javelin; E Cornell 60m hurdles, triple jump; M Stothart triple jump, 60m hurdles; J Duvoisin 60m hurdles, 100m, javelin; R McKeown triple jump, 60m hurdles.
Under 11 Boys: J Wrigley 1500m walk, triple jump, javelin, 100m; S Herbert 400m, javelin; C Riseley triple jump, 1500m walk, 100m; R Giliam triple jump, javelin.
Under 11 Girls: N Martin long jump, 100m; M Giles 1500m walk; J Woods 100m, javelin; B Dyer 100m, 60m hurdles; E Bath 400m, javelin, 100m.
Under 12 Boys: C Roy 60m hurdles, javelin; A Herbert long jump, 100m, 400m; A Trease long jump; A Ritchie 100m; L Stothart long jump; D Sturtevant 100m, 400m.
Under 12 Girls: C Martin 400m, high jump, shotput, 100m; M Cruickshank 100m; E Lyons 100m, 60m hurdles; B Johnson high jump; C Standfield 60m hurdles; E James shotput.
Under 13 Girls: R Martin 1500m walk, 60m hurdles, 100m; H Wight 100m, 400m, 60m hurdles; L Riseley long jump, 100m, 60m hurdles; J Caithness long jump, 100m, discus, 60m hurdles, 1500m walk, 400m.
Under 14 Boys: E Bath long jump, discus, 100m, 60m hurdles.
Under 14 Girls: A Wrigley discus, 100m, long jump; E Burns 400m, long jump, 100m.
Under 15 Boys: C Ellis 60m hurdles.