walking-dogs-on-beachIn the Mayor’s Message, printed in last week’s Sentinel-Times, Cr Rankine told us that council introduced the five month “trial” ban on dogs from five kilometres of Inverloch beaches because “some people prefer to enjoy the beach without dogs around”.
It occurs to me that there are “some people” who would prefer the use of a nude beach.
What if the council uses the same irrational decision making processes it used to ban on-leash dogs and decides to close all Inverloch beaches to anyone wearing clothes for five months of the year?
I guess I would make the sacrifice for the sake of my dog, but it won’t be pretty. Of course it will only be a “trial” where the views of temporary visitors are used to determine the rules to apply to regular users of the beach. All will be OK unless there is an influx of liberated visitors from Scandinavian countries during January, when the surveys take place.
In this case we may have to stay naked until the next council elections!
Keith Finney, Inverloch