dog-daysSome residents seem to be missing the point. In reply to L Wilkinson’s letter, dog owners do not want to take over the beach.
We pay the same rates have the same rights as every other Australian citizen.
We pay our taxes, we vote and we are not any different to everyone else except we love our pets.
We do not want any more or any less than you do. I am happy you had a great summer and hope you continue to do so in the future.
It would be fantastic if we could all feel that way but sadly, Bass Coast Shire Council has made sure that will not happen.
In our eyes, that is discrimination.
I do not see why all of the beach is given over to one group of people.
Why is an area not set aside for both? That is all we are asking for – the same rights and privileges as every other Australian.
‘Beach is better’ is a matter of opinion, depending which side of the beach you are on, or it should be in a fair society. At the moment it is not.
Mornington and Surf Coast councils all do that.
I do not see a ‘them’ or ‘us’ situation as it is not the residents that have created this. It is council for not being fair to all and choosing a side and not being unbiased.
A trial should have given dog lovers a fair go to start with. This is a missing gear, as you said, the beach is for everyone.
This will continue until the trial is finished and then next summer will continue again until we all get a fair go. It is the Australian way.
Laurie Tuddin, Inverloch.