drivers-direct-fury-at-vicroadsVicroads and their road maintenance contractors were the subject of social media derision last week after repairs to this huge pothole near Kongwak broke up within hours of it being ‘repaired’.

SOCIAL media went into over-drive last week after Vicroads’ maintenance contractors ‘repaired’ a large pothole on the Wonthaggi-Korumburra Road at Moyarra, near Kongwak, and it was broken up again less than 24 hours later.
Motorists using the busy connector road said it was actually worse after the work was done with large pieces of rock and bitumen breaking off and sent flying as cars and trucks drove through the area.
Owners of small cars in particular were concerned about the depth and breadth of the road depression and have called on Vicroads to ensure that a proper repair job is done… and promptly.
Here are the ‘top ten’ comments shared on Facebook last week:

* Rachel Brown: They filled it with stone over two weeks ago. Only yesterday they put some bitchy over it, which was dipped already because they never levelled it. By the afternoon at 3pm it was breaking apart. I came back through at 4.15pm and 4.45pm and it was worse again. Then this afternoon at 3pm it was all broken up in large pieces. Should’ve just fixed it right the first time considering they had several trucks fixing the Kongwak-Inverloch Road less than a km away.
* Sam Burns: Don’t blame the private contractors. It’s all got to do with the management of Vicroads!
* Kate O’Loughlin: I drive on this road nearly every day for work and it’s been getting worse and worse over the last two weeks.
* Kelly Austin: It matches all the other roads around the area. I’m not surprised by this picture, just another typical Gippsland road that Vicroads continues to neglect. Just put a sign up, that will fix everything.
* Katrina Adkins: I travel this road nearly every day. This was patched on Tuesday, sometime and by Wednesday it was open again! Had a car following me, when I slowed to the speed limits, even slower and braked constantly, but they still sat right behind me. I only have a very small car which would fit in this how it’s so deep! Not to mention the steep embankment off to the side!
* Kerry Field: Agee with all, the turnoff to fish Creek has a deep hole just before the intersection. Not just dangerous for one but everyone traveling in all directions if you are out of control going straight ahead.
* Andrea Tilley: I have already written a letter to Peter Ryan who forwarded it on and I got the standard poli-type well-rehearsed answer. That has to be over 12 months ago now.
* Maureen Batt: I agree it’s a bloody disgrace, if my car hit this at 100 clicks it would probably be a write of and so would I.
* Leanne Costello: Drove thru about 2pm, my friend got out of the car to remove some massive pieces that had come off it and were sitting waiting to destroy someone’s car or life.
* Ray Dooley: Road repairs are done by private contractors these days. This is a disgrace and a hazard. You should notify Vicroads and council. I suggest you use the words of ‘duty of care’ and ‘coroner’. Normally these two phases get quick action.