in-favour-of-the-leadI have read with a great deal of interest numerous accounts of dog owners complaining about not being allowed to walk their dogs on a beach during certain times of the day. Also about them having to be leashed.
It surprises me that some of these people have said, “I have not heard anything in favour of the ban!”
Well, here I go. I am in favour.
I too love dogs and have had my share over the years.
My last baby died at the age of 18 and is buried under the apple tree along with Cinnamon the cat.
Dear little Blossom was much loved.
My point being – yes, I do love dogs.
My own dogs are always well behaved and loving to me, however, I have come across other dogs in the community who are not so loving and bite. I personally have never walked my animals on a beach without a lead and find it impossible to do so when someone else has a much bigger dog that runs and jumps not only all over me but terrorising my baby also.
I am free of animals at the moment as we tend to spend more time with the grandchildren and don’t have the time to devote to another animal.
But I do want to say, yes, I am in favour of others walking their dogs in the public, whether it be on a footpath or dare I say the beach, but on a lead.
I do not like someone else’s much loved animal jumping all over me on the beach and the owners metres away saying ‘just stand still, he/she will not bite’.
I am standing still, in petrified horror, that this animal will not knock me over or bite me.
I am 65 years old and although I consider myself still young, do not the ability to fight off a large dog bounding along the beach.
Please keep your dogs on a lead and be considerate to others, after all, aren’t we all entitled to walk on the beach.
Dale Layton, San Remo.