Web_dogsThe February Council meeting has now been and gone and we can only wonder if the councillors have in fact learned anything about their ridiculous dog bans.
The Mayor has finally admitted that the council’s community consultation during the development of the time restrictions has not been as inclusive as it could have been.
That, Mr Mayor, is the understatement of the year. There was no community consultations whatsoever on banning the dogs from the beach.
How does it feel, Mr Mayor, to stand up in front of people and make statements like that knowing full well that we know they are untrue?
The Mayor states that councillors want to improve the consultation process during the remainder of the trial.
Just how much proof does he want?
There were surveys carried out by council in 2001, 2011 and 2013 on dog related matters and we now have this one in 2014 banning dogs on leash from the beach.
In addition, petitions with over 3000 signatories all condemning the ban have been submitted to and tabled by council. If council cannot work out by now how the biggest majority of the community feels about the bans, they never will.
The continuation of the current survey will add nothing to the data already gathered as there is no one on the beach now to survey and we are still supposed to believe this survey is required to continue for another 10 weeks.
Please, Mr Mayor, give us a break.
It is very sad indeed that a council that exhumed such excitement and enthusiasm before last year’s elections promising to work wonders for everyone in the shire could make such a mess of the first real test of their abilities.
The complete waste of resources and the extravagant costs incurred in carrying out the total mismanaged procedures they adopted is impossible to accept.
Their claims that community consultations took place prior to the By-Law being adopted is an insult to our intelligence, as is their current claims that there have been 85 dog attacks on the Inverloch beaches.
It is now up to council to either prove that these claims are genuine or retract the statement.
Failure to again provide proof of their existence will demonstrate once and for all they are only a figment of their imagination.
Ivan Hipworth, Inverloch.