boxer_dog_running_at_the_beach-otherOn March 6, 2014, the Herald Sun had an article about the unjust dog laws on the Inverloch beach.
Also on the same day, 3AW’s Neil Mitchell ran most of his morning show on the issue of the Bass Coast councillors’ ban of dogs on leash on the beach from 9am to 6pm.
On ABC Radio on the same day, I was interviewed on the ‘Nicole Chvastek Show’ at 3.30pm, then on Channel 7’s evening news a good report about the senseless dog ban.
Not one positive point for the Bass Coast Shire councillors.
The council’s standard response is always about the “trial” but never an explanation what the “trial” is compared to if you wish to compare it to the last 30 years. It clearly shows there is no need for the ban.
The Bass Coast Shire Council would have to be the most unpopular council in the state at the moment and appears to have gone to the “trial” bunker, showing total contempt and no respect to the residents.
It can make you look foolish if you admit you made a mistake but it won’t hurt you, so admit you were wrong and start the long road back to see if the council can gain any respect back but I can’t see that happening in the near future, maybe after the next council elections.
Robert Scott, Inverloch.