tac-backs-breath-testing-winners-at-stony-creekPremier Denis Napthine with TAC CEO Janet Dore gets the message across at the races.

PLANNING how you’ll get home from this weekend’s races at Stony Creek could be your key to a winning weekend, the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) said.
TAC CEO Janet Dore said Victoria Police would be patrolling local roads and anyone who ran the risk of drink driving also ran the risk of paying a hefty fine for drink driving or worse, killing themselves or someone they loved.
“Almost a quarter of Victorian road deaths involve a driver or rider who has been drinking alcohol and has a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05 or higher,” Ms Dore said.
“We want everyone heading to the races at Stony Creek next Sunday to have fun and get home safely, so that’s why we urge you to plan your trip well in advance.”
TAC breath testing teams will be on course to help race goers avoid drink driving and will be set up at exit points to provide free breath tests, tea, coffee and water to race goers.
During the racing season, the TAC conducts around 13,500 breath tests at events across regional Victoria.
TAC research shows that regional drivers are more likely to drink and drive than residents in Metropolitan Melbourne.
The regional drivers surveyed said they ran the risk of drink driving when they felt there was no other way to get home, their trip home hadn’t been planned or that they were a good driver and in control – regardless of having consumed alcohol.
Ms Dore said most Victorians spent a lot of time planning their outfits and not enough time thinking about the end of the day and how they’ll get home.
“We urge all of you to think carefully about the safest options on offer to help you get home safely, so that your day at the races doesn’t end in tragedy,” Ms Dore said
“In country areas there can be limited public transport, that’s why we encourage and applaud designated drivers who choose to help get their mates home safely,” Ms Dore said.
To take advantage of provided bus services to and from the Stony Creek Cup and to plan a safe trip home – find out more at www.countryracingvictoria.com.au.
The Stony Creek Cup is one of around 30 Country Racing meetings the TAC is active at across the state this racing season, conducting about 13,500 breath tests.
The focus areas are based on the fatal and serious injury collision rates across regional Victoria.
Reducing drink driving through education is a key action in the Victorian Government’s Road Safety Strategy 2013-2022.
To find out more go to www.roadsafety.vic.gov.au.