tightlines-18-03-2014Arthur Duckworth won second place in the Venus Bay Angling Club’s Labour Day long weekend competition with this 1500g pinkie snapper.

THE settled autumn conditions continue and even though the weekend was a bit windy there have been very positive reports of good fishing, which should continue for some time yet.


Positive results continue with Williamsons Beach going along very well.
Salmon has been the main catch with fish to the 1kg mark taking squid, white bait and surf poppers doing the job mainly on the run in tide.
There has also been a few flathead being caught along with the occasional gummy shark making a visit to this part of the world very promising.
Kilcunda Beach has also been worth a visit and at low water off the rocks there has been the occasional whiting making an appearance.
It is true that they are not in great numbers but when one comes along they are into the “thumper” bracket and fish in excess of 45cm are not uncommon.


Inside the entrance at low water on both sides of the tide there are still very good numbers of mullet being caught on Bass yabbies, sand worms and small presentations of squid.
They are very good quality being to the 35cm mark and better.
When a whiting comes along it will be well worthwhile and the bigger ones seem to be closer to the entrance.
There has been good numbers of silvers being bagged as well as elephant sharks that are making their annual appearance.
Further up towards Stevies Gutter there have been reports of good size perch being taken by boaters and those trying their luck off the beach on the run off tide.
There has also been a sprinkling of whiting in the same area and plenty of those mini flathead that never seem to grow which indicates that this is a crèche for the little fellows.

Wonthaggi Angling Club:

The club held its monthly competition last Sunday with the weigh-in being held at the clubrooms.
President Peter Clarke welcomed the 27 members and visitors along.
The event was sponsored by Wonthaggi Light Engines, which also donated two $50 vouchers for the raffle.
There were seven fish weighed in with the winner of the senior male section being Graham Gray with a 365gm whiting for 2044 points.
The winner of the senior female section was Jan Beaumont with a 440gm whiting for 2464 points.
The veterans section was won by Greg Beaumont with a 415gm whiting for 2324 points.
The next competition will be on Sunday, April 20.

Shallow Inlet:

Prior to the windy weekend the fishing had been very good with good numbers of whiting being caught to the 40cm mark.

Gummies had also been bagged as well as flathead and very good size silvers.
The best results have been at low water on both sides of the tide.
The wind that accompanied the change slowed things down somewhat but the water temperature remains at the summer level, which is the good news.
There have been numerous reports of many small fish way below size that have been returned to the water and this is of course good news for the future.

Port Welshpool:

Information from the boat storage is that there have been a few large mako sharks being caught out wide where they have been to the 200kg mark on a variety of baits.
George Damos is a visitor from Pakenham and on a recent trip managed a 156kg mako that took a whole salmon that was presented under a balloon on the drift.
The big fellow took just on two hours to land but George said that it was well worth the effort.
There have been quite a few snapper that have been to the 5kg mark along with gummies and good size flathead.

Port Albert:

The good fishing continues and Rob Killury who runs the General Store says that this is the best season in a long time and there is every indication that it will continue.
He says that even though the whiting have dropped off a little they are still in very good numbers along with flathead, silvers and mullet that are being caught inside the entrance.
The jetties are still very productive where whiting are being caught mainly on the run in tide along with silvers, mullet, garfish and those big eels.
Hammerhead sharks are also making life interesting and taking a variety of baits.
Outside the entrance there have been good numbers of gummy sharks, snapper and big flathead that give every indication that they will be around for a while yet.

Lakes Entrance:

Bream and trevally are cruising around the town jetties and footbridge, whilst whiting are in the Narrows.
Eastern Beach has been good for salmon, best bait is blue bait and pilchard.
Offshore fishing is producing rubber lip morwong, taking squid and pilchard.
Gummies and flathead are close to the beach, taking the same bait.

Lake Tyres:

Plenty of bream are to be found in the lake system.
Flathead are about but require some work.
Bet bait is soft plastics.
Bream are taking pilchard and prawn.
Salmon are schooling and hitting metal lures.

Mitchell River:

Flathead are hunting from Eagle Point to Eagle Point Bay, best bait is soft plastics.
Bream from Shadoof Lodge to the mouth of Eagle Point, best baits are spider crab, prawn and soft plastics.

Tambo River:

From Sardine Flats up to Punthouse Point is producing good numbers of bream.
Peeled prawn and worms are providing the best results.


From the two bridges and up to the car bodies for bream. For the best results try prawn and soft plastics.


Lake King, Shaving Point, town jetties down to the boardwalk and Lake King Jetties are worth a shot for bream and King George whiting.
Bait of choice being, prawn, worm and pipi.


Shallow Banks at Ocean Grange are producing King George whiting that have taken a liking to mussels and pipi.

Bream are around the jetties chasing vibes.
Some flathead at Newlands Arm taking plastics.
Try for gummies at night on a full moon.

Hollands Landing:

Griffin Point and down to Spoon Bay are best spots for bream, biting on worm and crab.


The Brodribb and Snowy Rivers are producing good fish.
The islands have luderick.
Bait prawn are about.
On incoming tide at the entrance for salmon and tailor chasing lures.
The surf is also producing salmon and tailor.
Plenty of good bream in the lake system, prawn being best bait.
Off shore is good for gummies and flathead.

Bemm River:

In the lake there have been good numbers of bream and flathead, best bait being live prawn and plastics.
Pearl Point is also worth a try a try with pilchard.
On the full moon keep a lookout for gummies that are biting on squid, fresh fish fillet and pilchards.

Tamboon Inlet:

The entrance is open resulting in plenty of salmon and tailor.
The beach is getting the same result.
Flathead and tailor are up at Lake Furnell.
There are plenty of good size bream about taking prawns, metal lures and blue bait.


Bream are about in both lakes, taking yabbies.
Flathead are chasing lures and live mullet.
Yellow fin bream are being taken on incoming tide. Watch out for seals.
Luderick is being taken on weed at the main wharf and Captains Point.
Beaches are good for salmon that are chasing blue bait and poppers and watch out for the odd gummy.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

The port of Hastings expansion may have gone a bit quieter in the papers but it hasn’t gone anywhere and is still well in the planning stages.
There is another public meeting next Saturday, March 22 at the Parish Hall Thompson Avenue, Cowes at 7.30pm with updates and guest speakers.


It’s generally this time of the year we see a lot of visitors from other states coming to the island to enjoy the fine calm autumn weather and take advantage of the usually good fishing.
This year however everything still seems to be running late and all over the place and I have had a lot of frustrated anglers in of late.
I have had more customers than usual this year coming in telling me they are struggling to catch a fish and are trying to work out what they are doing wrong.
For 99 per cent of them I am finding they are doing nothing physically wrong.
What they are doing is trying to compare this year to last year or two previous years and it’s just not working.
What I am finding is this year more than others, those thinking outside the square have generally been more successful.
I find it amazing how many people tell me they spent all day out fishing and didn’t catch anything but when you talk to them more you find they spent all day in the same spot and didn’t move or try anything different.
One thing I have learnt over the last eight years through the fishing reports that come in is if it worked last week doesn’t mean it will work this week.
Just make small changes, you normally use pipis for whiting – try pilchard or squid, if you are losing baits – try different hook size, if you only fish shallow – try deep; move 100m – rather than 5km.
As much as I won’t argue with you if you want to purchase new gear, if it was working before and now you are not catching fish, it probably has nothing to do with the gear you are using and more to do with where you are fishing.


Whiting still dominated the reports this week and several people made it an extra-long weekend with many having an RDO on Tuesday.
I saw a few better whiting this week over the 40cm and closer to the 45cm mark.
Not a lot of them but at that size you only need a couple to make a meal especially in the condition they are at the moment.
The majority of the whiting were still closer to mid 30cm though and not a lot has changed from the last few weeks with plenty of moves needed to get a decent bag of fish.
If you are going to use burley in Dickies Bay you must expect to catch plenty of todies and mullet.
There seems to be a plague of toadies at the moment and not a lot you can do other than leave the burley in the boat till you catch a whiting or move when they become a nuisance.
Cleeland Bight has fewer toadies but more eagle rays which on light gear can be a bigger problem.
I had a few reports from in Boys Home Channel this week as well, most taken on the start of the flood tide right on the edge of the sand banks but the better reports still coming from Dickies Bay and slightly better again at Cleeland Bight.


There were a few quality gummies around this week as you would expect with the moon phase we have just had but there weren’t as many as I thought there would be.
Several of the reports came from places you wouldn’t normally target gummies and were a bit of a surprise to those who caught them.
Dickies Bay, Reef Island and Leola Shoal were the not so normal spots the gummies were caught with most taking whiting gear and combined with the shallow water made quite a fight.
The gummies in these areas were of reasonable quality as well with 4.5kg the best.
The rest of the reports came from the area around Elizabeth Island, Mosquito Channel and the Corinella Barge Pole.
The best of the gummies reported from these areas was 12.2kg and was caught on a fresh yakka fillet.
There are plenty of smaller ones being caught on the Corals but very few size ones were reported from this area.


Pinkies were still being reported but the bigger ones have mostly disappeared again and we seem to be back to the very small undersized again.
The Corals were where most came from and although the majority of them were put back, I did get a couple of reports of 40cm pinkies from the same area just not very many of them.
Those fishing on the Corals also reported a few elephants starting to show up as well and plenty of bait fish as well as a couple of schools of decent sized salmon and of course thousands of undersize flathead.

Silver wins gold

A SILVER trevally won Phil Nebel the first prize in the Venus Bay Angling Club’s Labour Day long weekend competition.
Glorious weather all weekend meant there were ideal conditions for members to hit the beaches or get out in the boat on the waters of Andersons Inlet.
There was plenty of competition for the win with 24 senior members entered and one junior.
A diverse variety of fish were caught including: silver trevally, pinkie snapper, snook, Australian salmon, estuary perch, flathead and a few elephant shark.

Senior heaviest fish: 1st Phil Nebel with a silver trevally weighing 1200g for 960 points; 2nd Arthur Duckworth with a pinkie snapper weighing 1500g for 750 points; 3rd Joe Gristi with a flathead weighing 1340g for 670 points.
Senior heaviest elephant shark: Andrew Godfrey with an elephant shark weighing 2.4kg.
Junior heaviest elephant shark: Thomas Grech with and elephant shark weighing 1.7kg.