tightlines-25-03-2014Len Hawkins of Leongatha caught this nine kilogram snapper offshore at Corner Inlet last Friday, March 21. Len says it’s the biggest fish he’s ever caught.

THROUGH the week there have been very good reports of whiting being bagged on a variety of baits. They have been to the very impressive 50cm and there is no reason why they shouldn’t continue.


Salmon have made up most bags where they have been to the impressive 2.5kg mark.
Gary Jacobs and a crew from Traralgon decided to try their luck at Venus Bay through the week.
As an experiment they tried all five beaches with all giving up fish much to heir pleasure.
As well as salmon they also managed flathead, tommy roughs and an occasional gummy.
To their surprise they caught quite a few undersize gummy sharks that were all returned to the water to swim and fight another day but they weren’t complaining.


Outside the entrance boaters have been doing very well on the drift.
This is where flathead and gummies have been in good numbers along with gurnard that are not all that welcome.
There have been a few makos being caught on the drift that have been well in excess of the 150kg mark.
A story was conveyed to King George through the week where a rather large mako shark was hooked up by a small boat at anchor where there was quite a bit of excitement and lessons learnt.
One lesson was that it is not a very good idea to fish for makos in a small boat at anchor as these are dangerous fish.
Back inside the entrance there are still very good numbers of fish being caught by land based anglers at low water on both sides of the tide.
Mullet make up most bags along with silvers, flathead and quality whiting.
Over the weekend King George came across quite a few landlubbers trying their luck with mullet being to the 35cm mark making up the majority of bags.
The jetty had plenty of hopefuls trying their luck but when visited there weren’t any who had made any impression on the weigh master.
For some reason there was hardly anyone trying their luck off the boat ramp at Mahers Landing and there were also not any reports through the week.

Tarwin River:

There have been quite a few reports of perch being taken on the run off tide above the highway bridge.
They have been to the 34cm mark and taking Bass yabbies, sand worms as well as soft plastic lures.
There have also been quite a few silvers and mullet making up bags.
There have been positive reports near the Rock Bank where pinkies have been to the 1.5kg mark and taking a variety of baits.

Shallow Inlet:

Whiting are in good numbers to the 38cm mark which should continue for some time yet.
Visitor Andy Dickson and a mate had a very good trip and finished with a very impressive bag of whiting, silvers and flathead that were caught on the run off tide.
The water is still warm and Andy said they caught quite a few undersize gummies that were returned to the water to swim and fight another day.
He said there were also numerous small flathead that were also undersize and thrown back.

Port Welshpool:

The Lewis Channel is still giving up quite reasonable bags of whiting to the 36cm mark and taking a variety of presentations including Bass yabbies, sand worms and small strips of squid.
There have also been a few flathead being bagged as well as silvers but the persistent east wind has not been of any help.
The Franklin Channel has been good as far as good size snapper are concerned as well as gummies.
Outside the entrance there are numerous gummies making the effort worthwhile as well as big makos, which should hang around for some time yet.

Lakes Entrance:

Bream and trevally are cruising around the town jetties and footbridge, whilst whiting are in the Narrows.
Eastern Beach is good for salmon, best bait is blue bait and pilchard.
Offshore fishing is good producing Rubber Lip Morwong, taking squid and pilchard.
Gummies and flathead close to the beach, taking the same bait.

Lake Tyers:

Plenty of bream are to be found in the lake system.
Flathead are about but require some work. Best bait is soft plastics.
Bream are taking pilchard and prawn.
Salmon are schooling and hitting metal lures.

Mitchell River:

Flathead are hunting from Eagle Point to Eagle Point Bay, best bait is soft plastics.
Bream from Shadoof Lodge to the mouth of Eagle Point, best baits are spider crab, prawn and soft plastics.

Tambo River:

From Sardine Flats up to Punthouse Point, is the best area for bream.
Peeled prawn and worms are providing the best results.


From the two bridges and up to the Car Bodies for bream.

Best results using prawn and soft plastics.
Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

From the reports we have had this year overall it has been generally good season but it would still have to be described as inconsistent especially over the last few months.
I know many will say it’s been their worst season for a long time which it possibly was for them but for plenty of others it has been one of their best for some time.
I suppose it just depends on what your expectations are when you go fishing; some expect to bag out every time while others are happy just to get enough for a feed.
I often get comments from customers that my reports must be made up because they didn’t catch anything where I reported catches from but what they need to remember is they fish that area maybe once a week or fortnight whereas I see people and get reports seven days a week.
Many of my reports come from customers that often fish five days a week and law of averages says the more times you fish the more chance you have of being there when the fish swim past.
Part of the inconsistency of the season has been the water temperatures; we had a mild start to winter which kept the water temperature up resulting in a reasonably high water temp in September.
Four weeks of wind and rain then dropped the temperature in October to below that of September.
The water temperature in November seemed to change daily, not that there were too many calm days to get onto the water and December started the same way finally becoming more consistent towards the end of the month – about five weeks later than normal.
I had reports of snapper being caught mid-January that were still full of roe and not even looking like spawning.
We then had inconsistent weather through January which wasn’t too strange but 22 one day and 44 the next was a bit hard to take.
We are now missing out on our usual north, north easterly late summer early autumn settled weather and are having to put up with a lot of easterly wind, the worst wind for our corner of the bay and offshore.
So when you sit back and look at your season, don’t forget to take all the non-controllable factors into it and it may not be the disaster you think it was.


To the reports this week and whiting was still the catch of the week with a few reports from the land as well.
There weren’t big numbers from the land but ask anybody that has been able to catch them and even one is a bonus.
Generally for some reason the ones reported from the land are good in size and especially those caught on the open beaches.
Reports came from Ventnor Beach in the evening, open beaches of Sunderland Bay and Smiths Beach on the low tide, the jetty at Newhaven and even two from the San Remo Jetty.
Mornings was the best time for the boats both above and below the bridge with most of those caught being around the 38cm mark.
Several whiting were also caught in Boys Home Channel on the start of the run in tide fishing on the bay side of the channel.
The other place several reports came from was the banks at Rhyll and Corinella.


I am still getting the odd report of pinkies but the keepers are few and far between but they seem to be in schools of one or two unless they are three inches long and they are then in schools of hundreds.
Reports came from all over the place with most from The Corals but only because there were more people fishing in that area.
Reports also came from Cleeland Bight, Boys Home Channel, Reef Island and from Corinella whiting fishermen.


Garfish reports were the best for the season this week but not form the normal shallow water near the police station but further out into the deeper water.
There was the odd report from below the bridge in the shallower water and even a couple from Boys Home Channel but the edge of the main channel was the best.
Those who caught them said it was a challenge and it took a while with the garfish hanging around for what seemed like ages before they would take baits and then battling toadies that were coming up to the burley.
The best bait for the garfish was silverfish and burley.


Calamari continue to be reported with not a lot of consistency and just when they seem to have disappeared there are plenty caught next day or even next tide.
From the reports the artificial jigs have been much more successful this year or maybe it’s just some of those that would only use baited jigs before have changed to the artificial ones.
As for colour I don’t really care what any TV show or magazine tells you I get reports on every conceivable colour known.
Yes different days some colours work better and the cleaner and slower water the more expensive UV jigs tend to be better. But as I tell all my customers the most important thing is over time build yourself up a mixture of jigs both in colour and value and if one isn’t working try another.