tightlines-4-3-2014Wonthaggi anglers Alan Bentick, Ian Kent and Graham Gray with someone the fish they caught at Bemm River recently.

A CREW of Wonthaggi anglers consisting of Graham Gray, Alan Bentick, Ian Kent and Gary Frankie has just returned from a fishing trip to Bemm River where they stayed at the Cosy Nook Park which is run by former Wonthaggi keen fisherman Rob Foster and wife Chris Foster.
Alan said that the fishing was just great and that he had never seen so many prawns in all the years he has been visiting the area.
The bream were everywhere and were common to the 3lb mark on the old scale.
There was also any amount of flathead, luderick and silvers that made for a very successful trip and are looking forward to their next visit to this great fishing location.
As it turned out, one of the crew, Gary Frankie’s birthday fell on one of the days he was on the water.
He said that he couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the occasion.
The beach was also going very well where salmon to the 3kg were also biting very well off the surf on a variety of baits.
The entrance to the inlet is closed and this will be the case for some time until there is enough rain to force an opening.


Mahers Landing has been going along very well and even though there was a fair bit of wind about it didn’t stop boaters and landbased anglers doing fairly well.
King George came across a family of visiting boaters who had just returned from a trip and they had a very nice bag of mixed fish that included flathead and silvers.
Ella, Miller and Cooper were only too happy to pose with their fish and are looking forward to a return trip to do it all again.
Other landbased anglers and boaters are also doling well where there are very good reports especially further up towards the Double Islands.
Down towards the entrance there are very positive reports with silvers, mullet, whiting and the occasional gummy shark still being caught and making a visit to the area worthwhile.

Shallow Inlet:

There have been very positive reports as far as the whiting have been concerned.
The royals have been to the 45cm mark and fish this size are well worth wile going after.
There have also been good numbers of silvers, big mullet, salmon and gummies being taken on a variety of baits where the best time seem to be on the last half of the run out tide and first of the run-in flow.
Andrew Starrett who runs the caravan park with wife Karen says that the good fishing will no doubt continue and even improve as long as the conditions allow.

Port Welshpool:

Information from the boat storage is that there have been very good numbers of snapper to the 5kg mark being caught on the usual baits which include pilchards, squid and fresh fish fillets.
There has also been quite positive news of whiting being caught in the Lewis Channel.
The jetties have been reasonable but there has been a fair bit of water mixed in with the fish.

Port Albert:

The great fishing continues with many visitors doing very well.
Unfortunately they are saddened when they arrive to see that the charred remains of the local hotel, which was recently virtually destroyed by fire.
Rob Killury who runs the General Store says that his gantry and scales have been getting a fair bit of work.
Rob says that through the week there was a 117 kg mako shark weighed in making it the second for the week.
Adam Newton of Narre Warren was one of the lucky boaters to land a mako off Cliffy Island.
There have been other positive reports of good size king fish being caught out wide and no doubt the good fishing will continue if conditions allow.
The whiting have been in reasonable numbers where they are to the 40cm mark and taking a variety of baits inside the entrance.
The jetties have been going along very well where silvers, flathead, eels and garfish have been making up very impressive bags.

Lakes Entrance:

King George whiting, trevally and flathead are about in Reeves Channel and around Rigby Island.
The Foot Bridge, town jetties and Shallow Bank areas are producing flathead.
Offshore in 20m of water, flathead and snapper are being caught. Gummies are being taken close to the beaches. Pilchard and squid best baits.

Lake Tyres:

The lake system has excellent fishing. Flathead from 75cm – 1.05cm are being taken. Bream are plentiful, best baits are plastics, prawn and pilchard.
There are big schools of butterfly gurnard, which will take any bait you present to them.

Mitchell River:

Good size perch from the highway bridge through to the cut.
Best bait being vibes, plastics and prawn.
Bream are about as are flathead from the cut and through to the mouth of the river.
The best presentations seem to be plastics and prawn.

Tambo River:

Bream are cruising from Sardine Flat through to Marshall’s Flats. Best results have been when using worm and peeled prawn.

Nicholson River:

Bream are out and about from the tyres area, strait six and the poplars. Also try the junction is worth a visit as well where the best baits have been prawn, worm and pipi.


Lake King jetty, Metung jetty and into Bancroft Bay and extending down to Bell Point are the best spots for bream and King George whiting.
Try shallow bank for the odd flathead, taking prawn, worm and pipi.


Bream are hunting under town jetties.
Plenty of fresh prawns are for the taking. Birrel’s Point is good for flathead that seem to prefer soft plastics.
King George whiting are in good numbers at south shore where the best bait has been worm.

Hollands Landing:

Bull Point, Jones Bay and up to Tom’s Creek for bream, taking sandworm and spider crab.
Also try Seacombe Landing in 10 metres of water for mulloway where the best bait is live mullet or tailor.


Snowy and Brodribb Rivers have been good for perch.
Bream, luderick and mullet are about in the Estuaries.
Salmon and tailor in the lake on incoming tide.
Flathead are chasing fresh prawns in French’s Narrows.
Offshore is producing a mixed bag of fish including gummies. Salmon and tailor are being taken on the beach. Best bait is pilchard, blue bait and squid.

Tamboon Inlet:

Flathead and Bream in river and lake taking prawn, blue bait and pilchard.
The lake system is fishing well. Large tailor are smashing hard body lures.
Jetties are also fishing well. The beach has been good for salmon, best bait being poppers and pilchard.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 56 723 474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

IT’S a very busy time at the shop at the moment with last weekend SGGFC annual fishing competition which we run from the shop and just after we packed up from the weekend we started getting things ready for our annual sale on the upcoming weekend.
The fishing competition saw anglers from far and wide and although the amount of fish caught was down on what were expected as usual it was a great social weekend and plenty of fishing stories were shared.
Planning is well and truly under way for our sale next Sunday and there are going to be plenty of bargains no matter what type of fishing you do.
Some of the biggest savings to be had will be outside on the tables beside the shop but inside isn’t forgotten either with 20 per cent off everything in the shop, excluding licences and bait.
We will be listing some of the specials on our Facebook page during the week but the specials will only apply to Sunday and you will need to be early.
The sale starts from 6am and will go all day but that’s not all that’s happening in town on Sunday with the Bass Football Club’s fishing festival which runs from 9am.
There will plenty for all the family to do at the fishing festival with rides for the kids, plenty of food and demonstrations for the mums and dads.
The giant fish tank will back with casting and lure demonstrations every couple of hours.
As for the fishing this week the reports were good until the weekend when reports of quality fish slowed down.
There were fish reported over the weekend but we would have expected to see a lot more with the fine conditions.
While we did get reports it was the reports of the bigger fish that went missing both from in the bay and offshore.
Whiting were the exception however and have remained very good over the last month growing in size very quickly.
The average seems to be now closer to high 30cm and into the 40cm mark whereas a month ago the size was closer to 27cm and plenty of undersized.
We had reports from most whiting spots but the best was Tortoise Head and Reef Island where the numbers were the best.
A few reports came from below the bridge in Cleeland Bight but only from the run out tide.
It was a mixture in Dickies Bay with toadies out numbering whiting five to one a customer told us.
There were a few pinkies but nothing of any great size and one over 1kg was the exception.
Most of the pinkies we saw were around the 800 grams which are actually the best size to take strait home for tea and a couple of fillets off one of these will make a good meal.
I have a lot of customers that don’t bother with snapper or pinkies because they tell me they are usually very dry.
I do or should I say did tend to agree with them and they were not a fish I would normally chase and preferred a good feed of flathead.
A few years ago a chef showed me how to cook them and it made all the difference and now don’t mind keeping a couple of them.
One of the main secrets is eat them fresh and don’t freeze them or if you have to freeze them vac pack them.
The other trick is the way they are cooked.
Snapper are a very soft fleshed fish that needs to be cooked quickly if they are battered and almost under what you expect the time it should take using very hot oil and the right batter.
The problem is fish continue to cook when they are taken out of the oil because the batter acts like an oven keeping the heat in.
The other way is a method that is used in Asian cooking and that is steaming the whole fish which will keep the moisture in and not dry out.
You can add whatever flavours you want and with the steaming the flavours will go right through the fish.
There are 100s of methods on the internet for steaming and a bit of practice and will be needed to get the flavours right but will be worth it.
A lot of flathead from offshore this weekend but very few anywhere near 40cm and most closer to 30cm.
They seemed to be spread out and could be found in most areas and depths of water but being on the small side often difficult to feel the bites.
The reason I find bites are missed while offshore is people try to fish out there the same as in the bay, let the rod out and sit it in the rod holder and wait.
Most of your bites offshore will come the first time the bait actually gets to the bottom and you need to be hanging on to the rod to feel it.
Not much in the way of Makos this week with only a couple of smaller ones caught or tagged over the weekend.
There was a rumour of someone heading back to the ramp on Sunday with a bigger shark but no one seemed to know what it was or even how big it was.
The reason not many makos were caught could have more to do with the amount of food for them to eat at the moment.
There are schools of Salmon, Yakkas, Slimmeys, Couta and even a couple of schools of very fast moving stripey tuna.
Couple of gummies were also reported and one quality one of 15kg caught offshore over the weekend.
The rest of the reports came from off Rhyll in the Rhyll hole and back towards Silverleaves with the other spot was the channel near Ram Island.
The gummies caught in the bay were quite small and under sized ones outnumbered keepers probably 10.1 but perseverance paid off for most finding at least one worth keeping.