Web_dog-training-essentialJeanette Carter (Sentinel-Times, March 18) wonders why so many “dog owners” allow their dogs to be off leash on the beach, “spoiling (her) rights and the rights of responsible dog owners”.
At 2.30pm on March 13 she observed a woman walking a dog off leash on an Inverloch beach.
In the course of the walk she observed the dog jumping up at some kite surfers and “running everywhere”.
She refers to this as “yet another example of dog owners thinking they can do what they like”.
I live in the shire, I have dogs and the only way I know about “the trial” is by reading the Sentinel-Times.
How does a casual visitor to the shire become aware of it – billboards on all highways entering the shire?
Notice boards at the beach – on every possible entry point to the beach? But then, how many people re-read the notices every time they go to the beach, just in case the rules had changed overnight?
I wonder, have city travel agents, responsible for holiday letting, all been informed.
Was notification added to Bass Coast holiday accommodation websites? What about a letterbox drop to all beach side properties?
I wonder if Ms Carter thought to approach the dog walker to ask her whether she was aware of the “dog free beach trial”, before launching into this public accusation of deliberate, civil disobedience.
Indeed, did she ask the woman whether she in fact was the owner of the dog, before branding all dog owners as people who think “they can do what they like”?
Perhaps the dog walker is a visitor from another shire where dog regulations show deference to their loyalty and service to the human race over thousands of years.
Lyn Whitlam, Glen Forbes.