cricket-half-measuresCongratulations to all players, umpires and supporters who participated in or witnessed any one of the six cricket grand finals over the weekend.
With results in, now is the time for the LDCA Committee of Management to be pro-active and replace partial promotion and relegation with full promotion and relegation.
Historically only three of the six premiership teams will be promoted and only three of the six wooden spooners will be relegated.
In addition to the above, Wonthaggi Workmens in B1 and OMK in C1, each with back to back premierships over the last two seasons, deserve promotion.
Under current rules they will stay where they are.
If full promotion and relegation were to be embraced, Wonthaggi Workers would replace Foster in A2 (Foster have won the last four wooden spoons), and OMK would exchange places with FC/T who have finished last in B2 in the two most recent seasons.
Regardless of who won and who lost over the weekend, full promotion and relegation would provide new challenges for 10 teams each year, not the current 6.
It is unfair that some teams enjoy the benefits of promotion and relegation, while other teams are locked into grades determined by uniformity, not ability.
Compassion and relief for the teams who are having a tough time is overdue, especially when there are stronger teams celebrating well earned, but everlasting comfort zones. I urge the LDCA to consider full promotion and relegation before it’s too late.
Garry Knox, Loch.