wind-farm-dust-upWhile alleged interunion disagreements are unfortunate (Wind farm dustup, Sentinel-Times News online, March 18), Don Fairbrother’s short-sighted criticisms about dust and road conditions attributed to the Bald Hills wind farm project are even more disappointing, if unsurprising.
His complaints about dust, degraded roads etc highlight the particular insularity of wind farm opponents who will use any excuse to demonise wind energy.
Around the state people have endured dusty, unsafe, unsealed roads for decades and do not expect those roads to be sealed in the near future, if at all.
Somehow they survive this injustice and concentrate on more important issues.
His complaints need to be put into context.
While the dust he complains about might be upsetting him, approximately 11,000 people over at Morwell and surrounding areas have been putting up with carbon monoxide, ash and associated pollutants for more than a month because of large fires in the Hazelwood open cut coal mine.
Many have had to move from their house because of the dangers from the smoke and substances in it.
Nobody really knows what long-term effects this smoke might have on individuals.
Coal mines and coal-fired generators are well known for their detrimental environmental effects, destruction of air and water quality, loss of productive farmland etc and the damage caused to surrounding communities attributed to particulates and heavy metals among other things. There is ample scientific evidence asserting this.
Wind farms on the other hand are safe, clean and non-polluting.
This opinion is supported by the Australian Medical Association.
Assorted mythical health complaints attributed to wind farms have been dismissed for lack of any credible, testable evidence.
Yet if Mr Fairbrother had his way, there would be no wind farms.
Instead, while other communities live with polluting coal mines, coal-fired electricity generators and perennially bad roads, Mr Fairbrother complains about the short-term inconvenience of some dust and degraded bitumen road that will be repaired on the completion of the Bald Hills project.
Blair Donaldson, Foster.