bass-ceo-backs-planning-recordBefore making decisions re Phillip Island succeeding from Bass Coast Shire Council, I think it may be wise to seek answers to the following questions.
• As separate personnel would be needed to administer and run the business side of the operation, where would the funding for the wages of these staff come from?
• Where would the supporting office staff be situated?
• Given the lack of available public buildings on the Island, who may be displaced?
• If new buildings are needed, where would they be and how would they be funded?
• What plant and equipment would be needed?
• Are the ratepayers willing to pay extra rates to cover the above?
• Is this idea really economically viable?
• Would it be better to put our energies into vigorous lobbying for improvements needed on Phillip Island?
Hospitals and main roads are not council responsibilities, so are not part of the argument.
There is no doubt that improvements are needed but the question is ‘what is the best and most effective and efficient way of achieving the outcomes wanted?’
Jean Dunstan, San Remo.