Web_PotholeWe are told in the newspapers the funding for the poor quality roads is coming and the potholes in Peter Ryan’s western end of his electorate will be repaired, but are they being addressed properly?
Yes, some of the Meeniyan-Fish Creek Road at Buffalo is being replaced and some of the Foster-Fish Creek Road at Munro’s Hill has been replaced also. But were they more urgent than others?
What about the potholes at Hoddle now over two years old, the potholes at Stony Creek, the depression 0.5km from the Tarwin Road that’s over two years old and others close by, the potholes at Waratah on the Walkerville Road, the disgraceful Main Street holes in Yarram, the South Gippsland Highway between Foster and Yarram over 12 months old and the Prom Road between Foster and the Prom.
What is the local member doing about these notorious road complaints we all dodge and take risks and sometimes travel on the opposite side of the road to avoid? Well, he’s too busy having his photo taken and is fiddling while his electorate anguishes.
Ryan’s been dragged kicking and screaming to repair the roads before this year’s election, the same as he and his government needed to be dragged kicking and screaming to extinguish the fire in Morwell.
Does he or they care?
The Victorian Government are disgraceful for allowing these issues to continue for so long.
We, the electors of the western end of Ryan’s electorate deserve better than what he cares about.
These roads are renown throughout Australia as the worst anyone has driven on.
Visitors from WA and Queensland cannot believe we accept the poor quality, while especially in WA the roads are unbelievably of the highest quality.
Does he or this State Government care? I doubt it.
These comfortable sitting member/s need to be working for us and showing they are responsible and care.
We are certainly not confident in their ability to stand up for us. Perhaps we need someone else who puts their electorate first?
Doug Knez, Fish Creek.