Web_dog-training-essentialSo it looks like the pro dog lobby may have their way despite the fact that those opposed to the new Bass Coast regulations were relatively few in number throughout the shire but were just extremely vocal.
I have no problem with a well-behaved dog; it’s some owners I have the problem with.
They, for some inexplicable reason, think that we want to share their love of everything canine, many showing complete contempt for those living around them.
Our children’s pet guinea pigs were dismembered in front of them by a dog that had been allowed to wander into our garden.
At a different address our harmless old cat was attacked by a dog while sleeping on our back patio. It wasn’t found until hours later and was in extreme agony with its head crushed.
It seems to be the luck of the draw whether you live near dog owners who are selfish and believe that it’s OK to allow a neighbour’s house and garden to be permeated by the constant annoying barking of their dog(s) as was the case at our last home. Fortunately, that is not our problem here in Inverloch, not yet anyway.
One of my pet hates (pun intended) is the huge amount of dog mess left on paths, the rail trail, nature strips and on and around the beaches that the rest of us have to constantly try and avoid while walking.
Next time you don’t pick up after your dog or it’s off leash in a leashed area, just remember that modern technology has provided people with the ability to easily record video of the event so that it can be passed on to council to be dealt with.
Steve Carter, Inverloch.