tarwin-lower-venus-bay-pathway-2As a long-time Venus Bay ratepayer since 1975, I was disappointed to note the way the Tarwin Lower Venus Bay cycle/walking track was presented by South Gippsland Shire Council for the Tour de Tarwin, a major tourism and fundraising event for the Tarwin Lower CFA and other organisations, held on Easter Saturday.
Surely out of the rate revenue generated from Venus Bay (upwards of $2 million) the shire could have found enough funds to slash and mow the edges of the track from the Venus Bay CBD to Tarwin Lower, a length of around 5km, in the week before the event.
It is not as if the date is a mystery, held at Easter each year, or the event is unheard of, with lots of local publicity.
The mind boggles as to what the 2000 visitors and locals thought of the disgraceful appearance of the area, with weedy kikuyu grass encroaching on the track, surrounding and reaching the height of the seats along the path and the general appearance of utmost neglect.
The council is one of 13 sponsors, so it would be interesting to know the contribution, because it certainly was not maintenance of the track.
To the council I’d say it seems a case of same old, same old, “it’s only Venus Bay”.
It took many years of hard lobbying by the community to finally achieve the bike path, which was always a ‘poor man’s’ version, too narrow and badly constructed.
Having regularly cycled the track over the years, the surface is riddled with boulders, the camber is too great in parts and the weeds encroach from either side.
We miss Cr Kieran Kennedy, always a staunch supporter of Venus Bay; who is there in council to advocate for us now?
Will Norden, Venus Bay.