phillip-island-residents-need-to-get-a-gripSea level is rising around the world, and the Island will be affected, as will other parts of Westernport.
The bay has been sinking for many years, a factor which obviously exacerbates the situation.
The last thing locals need is vocal real estate agents trying to pretend nothing is happening, and continuing to sell land that they know full well is at risk.
Instead of bellyaching about council staff who are actually trying to help avert the worst consequences of inundation, Islanders should be directing their feelings at their local member of Federal Parliament.
Greg Hunt is the minister directly responsible for this area.
At the Candidates’ Forum before the Federal election last year, Hunt stood before the people of Phillip Island and stated that if elected, his government would address the issue of climate change through Australia’s membership of the G20.
Tony Abbott has since abandoned that commitment, on the grounds that he didn’t want to “clutter the agenda” of G20 with discussion of climate change or the resultant sea level rise.
Phillip Island residents should therefore be demanding of Greg Hunt that he keep his word.
Or they should elect someone who can.
Roger Epworth, Grantville