Web_PotholeIt was no surprise to read in the Weekly Times (9/04/14) that the Traffic Accident Commission had provided statistics that the roads in Gippsland had very high fatalities and injuries.
The state of the roads, particularly the South Gippsland Highway from Tooradin to Leongatha, the Kongwak to Inverloch and the Korumburra to Wonthaggi roads, which connect major holiday centres are still in very poor condition.
I have written to the Minister, Terry Mulder on many occasions and all that happens is that the ‘standard replies’ are given but sadly nothing changes.
The last reply from Mr Mulder stated that “additional funding had been made to VicRoads and that maintenance would be carried out over the summer months”.
Well, summer has come and gone and the roads are still in a very poor state.
A brief summary of some of my observations are as follows:
1. There are numerous spots where the road ‘defect’ has been marked with yellow paint for repair since at least early December 2013, and they have not been repaired.
In some cases, the yellow paint is nearly worn off! The holes just get bigger! After I complained again recently, a few holes were ‘fixed’.
2. It would appear that no short term maintenance is done on a spot marked with yellow paint as some of the holes are now huge.
Not sure of the logic of this as it would appear that the major problems will not be fixed anytime soon, so why on earth are the large dangerous ones not fixed, even if only temporarily?
3. It appears to me that pot holes are only fixed when someone complains.
4. Pot holes are not repaired properly and break out within days of being ‘fixed’.
5. The South Gippsland Highway as you approach Leongatha from Korumburra has been bad for nearly two years and despite ‘repairs’ is continually breaking out.
6. I broke a windscreen in my car recently on the South Gippsland Highway near the Lang Lang Golf Course when a large truck came the other way. I might add this is a section that has had numerous long term pot holes.
7. Every week there are reports in local papers where motorists are damaging their vehicles in pot holes and as we all know, VicRoads will only pay in exceptional circumstances.
I am really concerned that the Government allocates funding for road maintenance but it is simply not being done.
The roads are bloody dangerous and driving is no longer a pleasure.
Trevor Browning, Moyarra