dogsI recently took my seven-month old heeler pup for a 6am walk, entering Inverloch main beach halfway between the surf life saving complex and Ozone Avenue.
The morning was beautiful, very low tide heaps of room for a dog to be a dog.
Another chap was walking a kelpie off lead.
I let my dog off the lead and these dogs had a play until it was time for the Kelpie and his master to walk off back toward Inverloch township.
My pup momentarily lost sight of me and confused me with a passing jogger and chose to catch up with the jogger running alongside the jogger, not at all jumping at him, simply running alongside.
The jogger proceeded to kick my pup three times in the stomach until he tumbled over, and at the same time I caught my pup.
Infuriated, I ran and caught up with the jogger, dog now on lead.
I calmly said “mate, you don’t kick a dog” to which I received a tirade of abuse.
I gave the jogger the dog’s name and my address only to get further abuse with completely unacceptable language.
I can understand the dogs on lead policies; but this really comes down to one word – reasonable.
My dog in no way rushed or threatened this jogger, in fact the pup had zero impact on this person.
This person simply wanted to prove a dogs on/off leash (this is my beach and these are the rules) point.
I know who this person is and if they wish to give their side of the story, I would be very interested in any other interpretation of the above events.
If this self-admission of having my dog off a lead results in a fine – so be it.
Geoff Fraser, Inverloch