tightlines-15-04-2014These fish were caught off Mahers Landing on the run in tide.

A BREAK in the weather has seen a sharp decline of boaters and landbased anglers but there are still positive reports, which is the good news.


Even though we have had a fair bit of rain the wind has been fairly mild and as a result there have been quite a few landbased anglers trying their luck.
The best results have been on the run-in tide.
John Hollingsworth and a mate decided to try their luck off the beach at the beach at Kilcunda and managed a bag of seven salmon that went to the 1.5kg mark and taken on whitebait and squid cocktail.
They also caught a big gummy shark that looked like it was in pup and returned to the water to swim and fight another day, which was a wise decision.
They also caught quite a few wrasses that were considered hardly worthy worthwhile and returned to the water.


There are still good numbers of flathead being caught outside the entrance on a variety of baits which include whitebait, pilchards, squid as well as soft plastic lures.

In around 20 metres of water there are reports of gummies and snapper being caught when conditions allow.
Just beyond the breakers out from Venus Bay there are quite reasonable bags of flathead and pinkies making the effort worthwhile.
Local angler Dino Tiziani can always seem to catch fish when most others fail to trouble the weigh master.
Dino says that around flat rocks there are very good size whiting to be caught with fish often in excess of the 40cm mark common along with silvers flathead and quality gar fish.
Like many other places local knowledge is as important as knowing which baits to use.
Experienced fishermen always have on hand a fresh supply of Bass yabbies, pipis and small strips of squid.

Back inside the entrance as has been the case for some time mullet are in fairly good numbers where they have been to the 35cm mark, which is good for these fish.
There are also a few reports of elephant sharks being bagged.
These fish are not everyone’s favourite fish but are quite reasonable on the table but not in the same class as whiting.
There is no size limit on these fish but there is a bag limit of just one fish per angler, which could be seen as a message.
They are not hard to catch and will take just about anything that is thrown in to the water.
They are slippery to handle but have a nasty spine on top of the head which can inflict a nasty would so be careful.

Mike Yeates is a local fishing legend at Inverloch and says that despite the reports of good numbers of whiting being caught in Anderson Inlet, he is not among those who have recently been very successful.
Those who have been say that the royals are in good numbers around the entrance at the bating boxes as well as Pensioners Corner to a lesser extent.
In these areas there have also been silvers, flathead and a few gummies that will make the effort worth -while.
The jetty has had quite a few landbased anglers trying their luck with varying success but there have been quite a few salmon, mullet making the effort wile.

There are quite a few undersize fish hanging around the structure, which is not unusual, and it is a good idea to check their size if you are not sure.
This advice comes from fisheries officers who have been in contact with King George and say that they are checking fish and there are penalties for being in possession of undersize fish or breaching the regulations.
Penalties include very severe fines and confiscation of fishing gear as well as boats and motor cars which are expensive to replace as well as the possibility of a long walk home.
Of course the message is to not breach the regulations for the sake of a small fish.

Further up the inlet there have been good reports of silvers, flathead, whiting and perch at Stevies Gutter.
The area seems to be a nursery for those mini flathead that never seem to grow and of course must be thrown back but at least is a good sign for the future.
Mahers Landing is always popular with landbased anglers and the situation is still steady with mullet, silvers and flathead making up most bags.
The fish haven’t been huge but quite reasonable and best results have been on the run in tide. Boaters have been doing fairly well above the boat ramp and further up the inlet at the double islands there has been a good mixture of fish that include silvers coutta, flathead, silvers and a few reasonable size pinkies.

Tarwin River:

The fishing ramps have been getting a fair workout between the Highway Bridge and hotel where mullet and silvers have been the main catch.
Although not in great numbers but in fine conditions just being there is pleasant in itself.

Port Welshpool:

Over the last week the weather conditions in the have been awful and as a result there have been very few boats out on the water with the same applying to landbased anglers.
For the few brave hearts who have braved the elements there have been a few reasonable size flathead being caught but no other report.

Port Albert:

When conditions have allowed there have been a few landbased anglers trying their luck where flathead, silvers, mullet and gar fish are being caught on the run in tide has been them most productive time to wet a line.

Lakes Entrance:

Reeves Channel is producing flathead, trevally and school whiting on prawn and pilchard.
Salmon and tailor are in good numbers off the surf beach, with the best bait being pilchard strips and blue bait.
The Cunningham Arm has pinkies up to 1.5 kg.
Trevally are being caught off the footbridge on pilchard fillets. Offshore, flathead and pinkies are being caught on pilchard and blue bait

Lake Tyers:

The Channel Markers and shallows around dusk for bream between 32-38cm, best bait pilchard and prawn.
Flathead have moved up the lake looking for warmer water.
Best bait hard bodied lures and plastics.

Mitchell River:

The two Bridges have been good for perch on soft plastics, green in colour. Bream are taking spider crab and prawn at Eagle Point and into Lake King.

Tambo River:

Punt House Point and back towards Sardine Flats are good for bream, using prawn and worm.


The two Bridges and town jetties are the best spots for bream, on shrimp and prawn. Some flathead are being caught up river past Straight Six.


The Boardwalk, Lake King Jetty and up to Shaving Point have been good for bream that are taking prawn and pipis.
Paynesville: Bream are under the jetties as well as in the straights, best bait is live prawn.
Good flathead at the mouth of the Mitchell River on soft plastics.
Good size luderick around the weed banks on local weed, and silver trevally are being caught on prawn.

Hollands Landing:

At the mouth of the Straights and into Bull Bay towards Jones Bay has been good for bream, on bait worm and prawn.


Tidal flows are still making it slow fishing, but there are still plenty of flathead and perch on prawn and worm to be had.
The surf still has plenty of salmon and tailor. Offshore has been good for king fish on mirror lures.

Bemm River:

Plenty of bream and flathead throughout the lake system, best baits are live prawn, soft plastics and hard bodied lures.

Tamboon Inlet:

Flathead are moving upstream looking for warmer water.
Some salmon are about taking soft plastics, silver lures and worm.


Plenty of salmon and tailor on the beach chasing poppers and blue bait.
Bream up to 1kg are in both Lakes.
Flathead have moved upstream around the Wallagaraugh River.
Best bait soft plastics and lures. Luderick are being caught on local weed at the wharf.
Moving about and eventually you will find the fish. This seems to be producing the best results.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on 56 723 474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

IT has been surprisingly quiet over the last week considering it was the first week of the holidays but from the phone enquires it seems most are waiting till the Easter break to get out fishing.


From those who did head out fishing the results were very mixed with the jetties quieter than they have been over the last few weeks but some of the beaches a bit better.
Boating was all over the place but in between the disappointed anglers there was someone that walked with photos of the bags of fish they caught over the last couple of days.


Whiting make up many of the reports but like the last couple of months most managed a variety of fish while not bagging a lot of any one type.
The best of the whiting reports came from above the bridge this week in the area around Dickies Bay.
The best area was that triangle from the top light to Dickies Bay to Reef Island.
I did get a couple of reports from Maggie Shoal but mostly of smaller fish.
Evenings was the best time and the whiting seemed to be in bigger numbers at that time of the day whereas during the day you needed many more moves to get a feed.
Squid and pipis cocktail was the best of the baits and was a mixture of paternoster and running sinker rigs.
Those fishing for whiting also came across several schools of garfish while not really targeting them just having them coming up in their burley trails.
I didn’t see any huge garfish but they were very respectable in size and well worth chasing and show the importance of having a variety of gear and rigs in the boat with you.


Not a lot of people chasing gummies this week but there were a couple of good captures reported with the best of them coming from those chasing whiting above the bridge around the top light and not from the usual areas.
Most of the gummies from the usual spots were small and undersized and mixed in with undersized schoolies.


Elephants are still around and you will come across them in most areas of the bay, especially further up towards Corinella.
There certainly isn’t the numbers we have several years ago but if you want to catch one, from the reports it shouldn’t be too difficult.


The other reports from the boats were made up of several species and I had a couple of 40cm pinkies reported as well including rock flathead, pike, salmon and the usual rays and banjos.


Several reports of calamari this week and it was pleasing to see a lot of those reports came from Dickies Bay.
Cleeland Bight produced several as well but not many big ones, still well worth catching and expect we will see the bigger one over the next month or so.
I had a few reports from out around Gull Island and they were slightly bigger and more aggressive than those in the bay.


Good sized salmon and flathead were the reports from offshore with the flathead on the small size but the salmon up to 3kg and in quite big schools.
The salmon are chasing schools of small baitfish and metal lures up to 35grams with a bit of white in it the best of the lures.
The flathead were in close and 25m of water produced more than the deeper water.


We will be open longer hours over the Easter break for those who want to get an early start and if you want to know where to fish just drop in and we can help you out with up to date reports and plenty of GPS marks to point you in the right direction.