tightlines-8-04-2014Roslyn Shelly, with Anne McIntyre who is also South Gippsland Shire Council’s Citizen of the Year, won third prize for her silver trevally.


The calm conditions generally through the week have not seen much activity on the beach but there have been a few reports of landbased activity at Wreck Beach where a few whiting have been bagged on the run in tide.
The occasional pinkie has also been caught along with flathead but it would be fair to say that there has been plenty of water mixed in with the fish.

Cape Paterson:

Boaters have been taking advantage of good conditions where out wide good numbers of gummies are being caught along with flathead. Visiting regular Gordon Zinger and a mate managed a mixed bag out wide on chicken strips marinated in tuba oil.
They bagged flathead, gummies, and a big flathead and a mystery fish that grab hold of a presentation and took off at full steam and not even slowing down as it easily broke off and that was it.
Closer in there have been flathead, silvers and the occasional very good size whiting being caught near the rock pool where there is just a short distance to where the fishing can begin.
In the same area landbased anglers have been doing fairly well where salmon to the 1kg mark are making the effort worth while on white bait, squid and salted whitebait.


Ben Pinniger loaded up his kayak and headed down towards Inverloch way on Sunday for the Pirtek Competition, originally planning to fish the entrance trolling for salmon.
However the Southerly and nasty chop killed that idea and they moved east and put in at Mahers Landing.
Ben said that it was a slow start with a few small salmon and one decent trevally and they decided to split up, looking for fish.
His mate called him 15mins later to ask for help with a flathead, which he laughed at until he saw it.
The big fellow went 52cm, his personal best and was a handful to try and get a picture of it on the Kayak.
Once that was sorted they went back to the fishing, sitting just off a sandbank and throwing blue bait into the drop off.
This also worked a treat, as his rod was again buckling with a new personal best being 64cm.
Tom quickly netted another that went 51cm making for three monsters in 20 minutes with smiles and high-fives all round.
They quickly got the photos, released the fish and paddled back quickly to avoid the weather, and hit up the Slice of Paradise bakery in Inverloch for breakfast.
Ben said that it was a great day with all the fish being released, as he didn’t want to take any breeders.
Well done Ben.

There have been other regular reports of good size mullet being caught around Pensioners Corner and the bating boxes where mullet seem to make up most bags along with flathead, silvers and the occasional gummy shark.
The good conditions may stick around for a little while yet so it would be a good idea to wet a line before the winter sets in.
The jetty has been fairly productive and there is a fair variety of fish hanging around and good bags reported.
Unfortunately there have been quite a few undersize fish being kept as was observed by fisheries officers who pay these areas frequent visit.
Officers have been speaking to King George and warn that they are enforcing the regulations and penalties for keeping undersize fish or numbers that exceed limits attract very severe penalties that run into many hundreds of dollars.
Breaches can also result in the seizure of property including boats and vehicles and using the old chestnut excuse of no speaking English or didn’t know the rules won’t work.
The best thing to do is the right thing and there won’t be any dramas and or the possibility of a long walk home.
Further up towards Stevies Gutter it seems that there has been a bit of a lull in proceedings which can happen from time to time.
There haven’t been any positive reports and when long timers say that things are on the quiet side there must be something in it but as we all know, that’s fishing.

A short distance further up the inlet there has been a bit of activity where there have been mullet in fairly good numbers where best results have been on the last half of the run out tide and first of the run in flow.
As the run in water reaches the top of the cycle there have been a few gummies being taken near the boat ramp and further upstream near the red markers.

Shallow Inlet:

There continues to be good numbers of whiting to the 39cm mark being bagged on Bass yabbies, silver fish, squid and small strips of pilchards.
Good size flathead are also being bagged along with silvers and quite reasonable numbers of gummies.
Salmon are also being caught on a variety of surface lures where they are to the 1.5kg mark.

Lakes Entrance:

Flathead and salmon have been caught in the Reeve and Rigby Channels using pilchard, prawn and hard bodied lures.
Some bream are active around sunset near snags.

Ideal weather for Venus Bay competition

VENUS Bay Angling Club’s March long weekend fishing competition was held in ideal conditions.
The fishing was also excellent for the 25 entrants with almost all boats out on the inlet sighting the unusual shark – the elephant fish; however, silver trevally and flathead won the prizes.
Results: Seniors: 1st Paul De Hamer with a silver trevally (1.040kg for 832 points); 2nd Michael De Hamer with a flathead (1.520kg for 760 points); 3rd Roslyn Shelly with a silver trevally (900g for 720 points).
Juniors: 1st Thomas Grech with a mullet (160g for 160 points).
Non-members: 1st Fabian with a silver trevally (840g for 672 points).
Heaviest elephant fish: Michelle Godfrey.
The next Venus Bay Angling Club competition will be held over Easter, with all the usual prize categories up for grabs.
Just for a bit of fun, the club will be running the second annual ‘Battle of the Sexes’.
The pressures on the men as the women took the honours last year.
The Venus Bay Angling Club is also hosting a Boating Safety Awareness day on Saturday, April 26, at the clubrooms in Fishermans Road, Venus Bay.
This course will be conducted by Marine Training Services and covers all elements of recreational boat safety for you and your family, covering theory and practical demonstration with participation by all, and is followed by some practical instruction on recreational fishing in Andersons Inlet and the Venus Bay Surf Beaches.
The course commences at 10am with theory on Boat Safety then a barbecue lunch from 12pm to 1pm and then practical demonstrations and participation in fire fighting and emergency procedures including flare deployment (bring your old flares along).
Local CFA members and units will be in attendance and participating.
Bookings are essential for catering purposes.
Contact club president Anne McIntyre on 5663 7035 or annemcintyre@dodo.com.au.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

THE first weekend of the school holidays and the weather has been reasonable so plenty of younger anglers have been able to get down to the jetty and try their luck.
Not that they are ever right but the long term forecast for the next couple of weeks is for reasonable weather.
While we are not expecting a heat wave and possibly a few showers they expect the temperature to remain around the low to mid 20s.
As I said they have been known to get it wrong before so if you are going away over Easter pack for all conditions.
It would appear that several people will be taking the few days between Easter and Anzac day so providing the weather holds we should see several fish caught.


Hopefully the swell stays down and plenty get a chance to get offshore and chase a Mako, kingfish of even just a feed of flathead.
There were a couple of makos caught during the week and several kingfish as well so don’t leave your heavy gear home as it will be well worth one more drift.
We have plenty of burley in the freezers and baits to cover all you will need.
This season has been very inconstant so if you are planning a fishing trip or two over the Easter break I wouldn’t necessarily plan to only chase one type of fish and would be prepared to do a few miles on the water chasing anything.


This week has just been another ground hog day and I could simply put in the report from over the last few weeks and it wouldn’t be out of place.
The only thing slightly different this week was the lack of people fishing.
Despite the angler numbers down the pattern of the catches was the same and plenty of practice was needed.


Whiting catches were good again and typical of the reports was from one local who managed 12 all over 36cm but took eight moves to get them.
I had reports from Corinella, Reef Island, Leola Shoal, Coronet Bay, Maggie Shoal, Dickies Bay, Cleeland Bight and others but very rarely was more than two fish caught for each stop.
There was some very good healthy whiting amongst them and the best I saw this week was just over the 800 grams.
One of the biggest complaints from the whiting fishermen was the amount of toadies around with some saying they are in plague proportions making it almost impossible to catch a whiting.
The only thing you can do is move and hope they aren’t as bad which is what one customer did finally getting away from them after thee moves only to have the resident seal turn up taking the next three whiting they hooked.


Most pinkies that are being caught are so small it’s hard to tell them from the bait but perseverance has paid off for a few customers and while they only managed one or two each they were almost 40cm so worth the effort.
I did get a report from someone at the Corinella that was at the boat ramp when a boat came in with a snapper around the 5kg caught Temby Point way.


Gummies the same and if the small ones every grew up and stayed in the bay there would be plenty for years to come but sadly they leave the bay after a short time and only a few come back to breed. Not much over 3kg reported this week with no reports from the corals or Rhyll area and all reports of keeper ones came from Corinella.


If you want them there are plenty of elephants and while not in the usual annoying numbers you will be able to get your bag of one easily.
Cowes, Rhyll and The Corals all saw a few caught but Corinella the best area by far.
For some reason I get a lot of people looking for specific rigs and baits for catching elephants where all you need is a set up you would use for pinkies and same baits.


Landbased reports have gone quiet lately but when I look out the window towards the jetty at Newhaven there is no one fishing so probably has a bit to do with it.
There are a few fishing from the jetties around the island and they are having mixed results with the odd salmon and flathead also a couple of elephants with plenty of rubbish as well and sadly a few draughtboards already.


Calamari has been the same with nothing for a couple of days then plenty the next for no apparent reason.
Of the reports early morning was better and the colour is only a guess but for the first time in many weeks I had more reported on baited jigs than artificial ones.
There were a couple of days that it didn’t matter what colour, size or type of jig you were using the calamari would only swim up to it have a look and just keep going.