time-for-vicroads-to-light-up-wonthaggiThe introduction of major retailers in the Korumburra Road area of Wonthaggi, plus the constant stream of holiday traffic along McKenzie Street (Bass Highway) has made this intersection a no-go area for those looking to exit Korumburra Road. m331714

THE Bass Coast Shire Council flagged it as a problem to VicRoads when Bunnings joined the rush by big retailers to establish in the Korumburra Road precinct of Wonthaggi last year.
But, to date, their calls for traffic lights at the intersection of Korumburra Road and McKenzie Street (Bass Highway) have fallen on deaf ears.
Even before Bunnings and the Wonthaggi Plaza set up shop at either end of Korumburra Road, locals had taken to avoiding the intersection altogether, especially trying to cross at McKenzie Street.
But for those brave enough, or foolish enough to make a dash for it, getting across at busy times can be best described as Russian roulette.
On holiday weekends, when traffic pouring through town on the Bass Highway is constant, it can be five minutes before there’s a break in the traffic.
And that’s even before Dan Murphy’s discount liquor outlet opens, which is imminent.
A common sight is drivers turning left and then hanging a u-turn in the middle of McKenzie Street just to get to the other side of the road.
“The shire has committed its share of the money for the project,” said Bass Coast’s Infrastructure Director Felicity Sist.
“Obviously VicRoads will have to pay for most of the costs because it’s on their road but we have made the request and each time we have a meeting with them to review the priority list, we ask about it.”
So when will it happen?
There’s no date and no funding yet.
A spokesperson for VicRoads said the project was being overlooked for other funding priorities in the area, including the addition of wire-rope barriers on the South Gippsland Highway.
“It has to attract funding first, which it hasn’t. We’re working through our other priority areas in the area first,” she said.
It may be that the issue will have to become political first and, being an election year, it’s probably the right time for would-be local MPs to come out with a promise to deliver funding.